Discover and remediate issues proactively

IT Security and Operations teams know that doing things reactively is not a strategy. Take a proactive approach to configuration management, vulnerability assessment, security compliance and reporting, remediation and more. Contact us for a quick call.
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Reducing Operational Complexity

Reducing Operational Complexity

An overview of challenges with virtualization for all business sizes (e.g. interdependence, volume of Knowledge Base articles, reactive fault resolution) as well as the simplest means to address such challenges proactively and effectively, via automated scanning, log monitoring/analysis and security compliance checks.

Check out this informative white paper by top technical author Alastair Cooke!

  • Without being able to proactively identify potential issues, resolution is inherently reactive and outages are just a matter of when
    IT admins cannot physically do what an automated tool can do – e.g. read and memorize +30K KB articles, Best Practices, etc., to find all possible misconfigurations and security gaps
  • A simple solution exists and typically provides ROI from the very first scan
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