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Runecast Analyzer comes as a virtual appliance in OVA format which you deploy in your virtual infrastructure. All data and logic are contained in the appliance – there is no data leaving your datacenter. The only reason to connect your appliance to the Internet is to download KB definitions updates, application or OS updates.

The Runecast appliance consists of a single virtual machine running Ubuntu Server 14.x with all application components preinstalled and preconfigured. It is less than 1.3GB in size and latest version can be freely downloaded from your Web Portal. The deployment is similar to any other OVA deployment and would take you as little as 1 minute.

Once deployed, the Runecast Analyzer needs only 2 simple steps to start the analysis:

  • Specify the vCenter address and vCenter user credentials
  • Trigger automatic syslog configuration for the ESXi hosts and VMs in your environment

From this point on, you can trigger manual or automated configuration analysis, which may take somewhere between 20 seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size of your environment.

The log analysis is in real time once the ESXi hosts start sending their logs to Runecast Analyzer.

For detailed instructions on the initial configuration and daily operations, refer to the latest Runecast Analyzer User Guide.

    With the Runecast Analyzer deployment, you can:

  • Save time and efforts
  • Ensure security, since no data is uploaded over to the Internet
  • Eliminate the need for Internet connectivity by using offline updates
  • Ensure continuous compliance by applying automated KB, application and OS updates
  • Quickly and securely get value out of all Runecast features: VMware KB Scan, Compliance Checks and Log analysis.

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