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Discover all miss-configurations in your vSphere, vSAN and NSX environment that can trigger outages, fail security audits or negatively affect performance.

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Prevent known issues

Runecast Analyzer continuously scans the VMware knowledge base, security standards, best practices guides and social media to guarantee that you have the latest information and solutions to maintain and protect your infrastructure.

Mike E.
“It found issues I never knew I had. I also was able to quickly see the results of the logs without having to upload a file to VMware and wait for a tech to get back to me.”
"Runecast Analyzer discovered more than 100 issues, some of which were critical (PSOD, open ports, Network driver issues). It reduced our typical 2 issues per month to 0 and saved us lots of time."

Gordon Howes, Cloud Service Manager, ONI

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Be "audit-ready” all the time

Get rid of those security policy spreadsheets and half-baked scripts. Run security audits in minutes against multiple standards like VMware Security Hardening Guide, PCI-DSS, DISA-STIG and HIPAA.

Daniel Ugarte
“As a bank, it is imperative that our IT operations ensure maximum reliability and security for our clients. Our IT team simply needs automated proactive monitoring and auditing tools. Runecast Analyzer helps us detect mis-configuration and security vulnerabilities before they lead to critical issues. This not only saves dozens of man-hours a month but also provides a reliable prevention mechanism. Our data center’s security and uptime are now greater than ever.”

For Admins by Admins

“The tool we always wanted from VMware”

Senior Systems Engineer

“Best 3rd party software for your vSphere environments,”

IT and Services admin

“…troubleshooting took too long because we had to call VMware support center in many cases. Runecast Analyzer changed all that”

Director of Network Operations

“It’s like having a VMware technician 24/7 auditing your VMware environment, it's absolutely great!!!”

Senior Systems Engineer

Take control, in real-time

Runecast Analyzer monitors your logs for specific patterns described in the VMware Knowledge Base articles in real time. You are presented with the issue and the resolution as soon as the issue happens, reducing time to resolution to a minimum.

Alexandre Potier
“It would be impossible for us to identify all these issues so quickly without Runecast. I find the Runecast Analyzer dashboard much clearer and easier to use than VMware LogInsight.”

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