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About UPTIME 2020

Modern IT environments are increasingly complex. Running fully on-premises or in private cloud, public cloud, or some hybrid of those, it’s an understatement to say that there are challenges. Configuration drift, lack of transparency, and reactive troubleshooting are just a few areas that require new ways of thinking and new approaches to IT evolution.

UPTIME 2020 showcases the expertise and experience of veteran IT professionals, with real-world examples related to systems architecture, virtualization, security, hybrid cloud, and more.

UPTIME 2020 Speakers

Shannon Kuehn | Microsoft

Shannon is a not so typical technologist. Her roots are grounded in public speaking and writing.  A self-described tinkerer, Shannon worked with technical mentors and colleagues who have helped her develop proficiencies in infrastructure. From her initial roots in help desk, to Windows systems administration, to VMware administration, to Exchange, to Exchange Online/Office 365, and finally Azure, she has carefully combined the right levels of technical prowess to propel her into her role at Microsoft.  Shannon is currently a Cloud Advocate on the Enterprise Tools and Platform team, which rolls up to the broader Methods and Practices team. She focuses on evangelizing the Azure VMware Solutions platform as a way to get IT pros comfortable with a life post cloud.

Paul Wilk | Global Payments

Paul is a Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Global Payments, a vExpert PRO/NSX, Red Hat Accelerator, and Ireland VMware User Group leader. He currently holds three VCPs (DCV, NV, CMA) and is a RHCE (RHEL8).

Katherine Skilling | VMware 

Katherine joined VMware PSO in 2016 and helps customers in the Northern EMEA region get more from the Automation and Orchestration toolsets. Alongside her PSO role she is actively involved in the local community through mentoring and volunteering. A member of the Women in Brunel Engineering and Computing (WiBEC) program, she mentors a female engineering student and volunteers at a local technology club for 8-11 year olds. In 2020 she was accepted into the CTO Ambassadors program within VMware and presented at her first VMworld as part of the Professional Development track.

Thomas Maurer | Microsoft 

Thomas works as a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. He engages with the community and customers around the world to share his knowledge and collect feedback to improve the Azure cloud platform. Prior to joining the Azure engineering team (Cloud + AI), Thomas was a Lead Architect and Microsoft MVP, to help architect, implement and promote Microsoft cloud technology.

If you want to know more about Thomas, check out his blog: and Twitter.

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