VMware vSphere best practices

Page text: It is fact that VMware vSphere is often implemented with default configurations and standard features. And, once deployed, many vSphere implementations are not regularly evaluated to determine potential improvements in terms of performance or security.

In most cases the vSphere admins also wear other hats and have to make critical things running. The thought of taking to review vSphere best practices for security and performance, across a medium to large cluster infrastructure, is the last thing on their mind. Over time, that vSphere infrastructure has changed and, without a full-time care, its performance and security is probably already lacking. The types of VMware best practices to implement in vCenter, ESXi or virtual machines are those that should be implemented in any traditional datacenter infrastructure:

  • Performance for compute, storage (iscsi) and networking VMware best practices
  • Management & monitoring
  • Availability
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Data protection

VMware best practices come from people who have learned through trial and error. From people who already made a mistake and reported to VMware or shared with VMUG community, so others do not have to fall into same problems, again.

VMware best practices analyzer for ESXi, data centers and clusters

How to learn vSphere best practices? It can be via trial and error on production infrastructure (if you want to risk losing your job :-) ). It could means reading hundreds of pages of complex best practices documentation from VMware or taking expensive 3rd party vendor coursers. Thankfully, the last option is the best, easiest and far less time consuming: Use Runecast Analyzer which scans, detects and suggests missing best practices in data centers and provide list of clear patching steps.

The best thing at the end is, the Runecast Analyzer is always updated with latest best practices according to vSphere (vCenter or ESXi) version which removes the problem with obsolete best-practices.

Download Free Runecast Analyzer Trial and implement best practices

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