Request Your Log4Shell Vulnerability Scan

Scan your hybrid or multi-cloud environment with Runecast Analyzer and see all vulnerable instances of log4j, along with remediation guidance. Runecast is a patented enterprise IT platform that provides IT operations and security teams one platform for configuration monitoring, vulnerability management, security compliance, remediation, upgrade planning and reporting.
For qualified organizations and subject to availability given high demand

Organizations future-proofed with Runecast

Our customers report time savings of 75-90%, security compliance audit readiness, and greatly increased uptime.
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Rated 5 stars on Gartner's Capterra

“Best 3rd party software for your vSphere environments,”

IT and Services admin

“…troubleshooting took too long because we had to call VMware support center in many cases. Runecast Analyzer changed all that”

Director of Network Operations

“It’s like having a VMware technician 24/7 auditing your VMware environment, it's absolutely great!!!”

Senior Systems Engineer