Divine Lady’s Guide to the Runes: General Meanings

Divine Lady's Guide to the Runes: General Meanings, by RuneCast.comDivine Lady’s Guide to the Runes: General Meanings

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Divine Lady's Guide to the Runes: General Meanings
Description: From beginners to intermediate rune casters and beyond, Divine Lady’s Guide to the Runes: General Meanings offers excellent insights into the runes and how to apply their meanings within a reading to your life. In addition to providing the mysterious meanings of the 24 Elder Futhark runes, and those with corresponding reversals, the guide offers a brief history of the runes, how to cast the runes and illustrates three casting layouts. Divine Lady’s General Meanings were formerly available to subscribers of RuneCast.com from 2001 to 2005.

May 20, 2011 marks the 10-year anniversary of RuneCast.com and Divine Lady. To honor this time, we are bringing the General Meanings back to life. Divine Lady’s Guide to the Runes: Relationship Meanings will also become available.
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I am a Woe is I Junky

Snippets from Divine Lady’s Journal
Published December 29, 2002 on DivineLady.com

When I look due south, my eyes fall upon the disappointment wall. I’ve dotted this portion of my room with regretful and strife ridden messages. As I’ve just realized this caveat, the distribution on my part must have been subconscious. “They keep moving the cheese,” is pinned here. In my mind, I ask, who are they? I wish they would stop moving the cheese. I hate to construe the meaning of life as a treasure hunt. A list denoting, “Things I enjoy doing,” is also adhered to this wall. I created this list because I often forget.
Other regrets include a poem in memory of September 11th, a rebuff from Paramount Pictures and several triathlon race results with one name consistently highlighted; a particular gal habitually beats me by a minute or so…
Divine Lady

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I am a Spiritual Phrase Junky

Snippets from Divine Lady’s Journal
Published December 31, 2002 on DivineLady.com

“Life is short. Life is sacred. I am one of the luckiest people alive.”
These words are taped to the bottom of my computer monitor so that I can read them each day. But I have many more phrases strewn about, for I am a spiritual phrase junky.
Each morning I sit at my computer and gaze at my western wall. The words, “I am open to a miracle in my life,” greet me readily. Sometimes I pause and ask myself, am I truly open to a miracle today?
Situated nearby is, “I am the possibility of abundance!” Although I smile at this possibility and delight in the word abundance, I often wonder, what would living this possibility entail? Eliminating attachments, even the most mundane, seems to be the key to abundance. I ask myself, can I preserve nothing in my life so that I may receive everything in return?
My current favorite is a mere five words, “The path abruptly showed beauty.” It suggests sudden and unexpected relief after an arduous struggle…
Divine Lady

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Upright ~ Wealth; Satisfaction
Free meaning ~ Feuh is a rune that resonates with “A job well done!” You have worked long and wholeheartedly to attain a goal or level of status, always managing to keep a cautious eye on the obstacles that surface in your path. Feuh promises the rewards you have been seeking, usually in the form of wealth and prosperity. If you are currently in the midst of an enduring task, Feuh counsels you to keep up the good work. Abundant prosperity lies for you on the horizon.

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Feuh (reversed)

The rune Feuh reversedReversed ~ Loss of Wealth; Disappointments
Free meaning ~ Receiving Feuh reversed indicates that you are either presently facing a disappointment or just about to. An opportunity of material gain has passed you by or actual wealth or property has been lost. This rune also represents a time of emotional setbacks. For instance, a relationship may divide or a project may fizzle. Fortunately, the degree of discontent lies in the type of question posed and what the surrounding runes, if any, have to offer.

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The rune UruzUpright ~ Transformation; Robust Energy
Free meaning ~ You’ve just been granted the keys to transformation. Are you ready to undertake a huge endeavor that only two weeks ago overwhelmed you? With the power of Uruz backing you, it’s time to step up to the plate. This rune unleashes your primitive impulse to be or to become. Uruz also contains exceptional healing powers. Whether you’ve been down and out with a cold or are experiencing a more serious problem, this rune marks a time of renewed health.

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Uruz (reversed)

The rune Uruz reversedReversed ~ Lack of Motivation; Low Energy
Free meaning ~ Uruz reversed heralds a time of inundation and low energy. Your attitude may respond accordingly by submitting to defeat. To alleviate some of the pressures you are feeling, avoid commencing new endeavors. It’s possible you can barely maintain your existing ones. Consider removing tasks or situations that are burdening you. It’s likely you overcommitted yourself, and now you’re overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. Simply put, simplify.

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The rune ThurisazUpright ~ Thorn; Hammer of Thor
Free meaning ~ Understanding why you’ve received Thurisaz can be tricky. It’s difficult to tell which side of its polarity is acting out. Are you internalizing a lot of pressurized feelings right now, like anger and frustration? Or are you exerting them, primarily in the form of defensive actions? When in doubt about which forces are at work, practice the art of doing nothing. Of course, there’s still plenty of honest work to be done, namely, letting go of attitudes that bind you.

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Thurisaz (reversed)

The rune Thurisaz reversedReversed ~ Frustration; Stubbornness
Free meaning ~ Frustrated feelings about a person, cause, or situation can arouse this powerful rune. Often these viewpoints are catapulted by the fact that you know you are right. The message of Thurisaz reversed, however, is always troubling. No matter how compelling your arguments are, you’re bound to get a raw deal. Use this time of intensity to reach inner clarification, prompts this rune. The universe welcomes this approach and promises relief will follow.

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The rune AnsuzUpright ~ Communication; Knowledge
Free meaning ~ When Ansuz appears in a reading, you can expect to receive wisdom through a variety of sources: a trusted friend, mentor type, or casual acquaintance. It may be new advice or the kind you have heard repeatedly, but this time it sticks. Ansuz also offers the power to think, making it the rune of intellect and reason, as well. If you’re nervous about an upcoming presentation or job interview, relax. Your thoughts are clear and functioning on an analytical plane.

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