Optimize and Secure Your Infrastructure at the OS Level

Our patented enterprise solution enables you to proactively detect and remediate vulnerabilities and misconfigurations of your operating systems – to save time, mitigate risk, and ensure security compliance and organizational longevity.

Future-proof your organization with OS-level transparency and security

Unknown Windows and Linux vulnerabilities, discovered first by hackers, have led to some of the most notorious ransomware attacks. Runecast discovers vulnerabilities and provides clear remediation steps for OS security. Customers report ROI from the very first scan, as Runecast’s patented technology proactively reveals misconfigurations and security compliance deviations.

Vulnerabilities and issues - OS-Level support
OS Version, Configuration issues by layer and hosts installed agents from the Runecast dashboard

A ‘must-have’ for virtual infrastructures now offers OS-level insights

Runecast’s proven value for proactive AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes and VMware insights extend also to the OS level, to enable a proactive ITOM approach for Windows and Linux OS. Designed to automate processes wherever possible, Runecast significantly reduces IT operational costs and frees up IT staff for growth initiatives (or to compensate for skills shortages).

  • CIS Benchmark security compliance for Windows Server and RedHat Enterprise Linux Server OS, CentOS
  • BSI IT-Grundschutz security compliance for Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server OS (RHEL), CentOS
  • DISA STIG security compliance for Windows Server and  RedHat Enterprise Linux Server OS (RHEL)
  • NIST security compliance for Windows Server and RedHat Enterprise Linux Server OS (RHEL)
  • Vulnerability scanning for Microsoft Windows, RedHat Enterprise Linux Server OS (RHEL) and CentOS
  • Configuration analysis for Windows OS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS (RHEL) and CentOS

OS Configuration, Vulnerability and Security Management

  • Increasing costs of IT maintenance are greatly reduced by Runecast automation. Customers report 70-90% time savings.
  • The CIS Benchmark for Windows 2016 Server has 350 rules – how much time does it require to align to those manually, per server? Runecast automates those checks for you.
Optimization of labor and reduction of costs
Operational transparency and reporting
Risk reduction and security compliance
  • Your IT and security teams can have a much better overview of configuration drift for the entire complex infrastructure.
  • Runecast reveals configuration changes, vulnerabilities, and remediable actions in minutes.
  • Your infrastructure may be secure, but your OS may not be. Runecast reveals vulnerabilities that could lead to unauthorized access, breaches or ransomware.
  • Runecast is a full-spectrum security, vulnerability, and configuration management platform that covers both the OS layer and the infrastructure layer.
  • Security vulnerabilities on the OS (such as Wannacry) can be prevented and patched and attackers cannot go through this gap to the whole infrastructure.
  • Prove your security compliance with audits for BSI, CIS, and DISA STIG.

Windows OS configuration and security management

Stop Googling ‘Windows vulnerability’ and automate your Windows security management. Runecast enables proactive vulnerability assessment to simplify your Windows configuration management and security hardening.
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Windows dashboard on RunecastWindows dashboard on Runecast

Vulnerability Management for Linux OS

Runecast provides proactive configuration management to simplify your Linux security hardening. Remember why you started using Linux in the first place, and automate its security management today.
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Linus redhat dashboard on RunecastLinux Redhat dashboard on runecast