Customer success guides everything we do

The Runecast team is fully committed to a customer-first approach with no compromises in quality of service. Our teams aim to provide the fastest support and a personal touch to every customer.
Dedicated Support
Innovation is how Runecast was born, and it’s how we approach our customer and partner support. We’re a diverse bunch of engineers, inventors, disruptors, consultants, and communicators from around the world who believe that a big part of success comes from delivering the highest quality service.
Up to date with you
We deliver regular (weekly at minimum) definition updates for detecting potential misconfigurations and vulnerabilities (including CVEs and VMSAs) in your environment proactively. We’re also continuously improving Runecast with new features to continuously fine-tune your hybrid IT evolution.

Runecast Analyzer saves de Volksbank 75% troubleshooting time to ensure uninterrupted access to their services by millions of customers across the Netherlands.
de Volksbank

Let our Customers tell you in their own words

Our customers tell us regularly how Runecast benefits CIOs, CISOs, and both Security and Operations teams across verticals with a proactive approach that results in major time and cost savings, increased uptime and security standards compliance.
Runecast Minimizes Operational Risks for Space Missions
DLR – German Aerospace Center
Read how Runecast Analyzer provides risk mitigation for business-critical IT systems supporting space missions.
Notino – Runecast eCommerce Case Study
Europe’s largest online fragrance and beauty retailer relies on Runecast for real-time support and mitigation of datacenter downtime.
DHU Health Care – Runecast Public Healthcare Case Study
DHU Health Care
Read the case study about how DHU Health Care stabilizes NHS 111 & other urgent-health systems with Runecast.

Secure and optimize your hybrid cloud

If you’re ready to take your security and operations to the next level, contact us and see how Runecast can accelerate your IT strategy. Our customers and partners tell us that once they deployed Runecast, their ROI was clear and immediate.

More Resources

Reducing Operational Complexity

Reducing Operational Complexity

An overview of challenges with virtualization for all business sizes (e.g. interdependence, volume of Knowledge Base articles, reactive fault resolution) as well as the simplest means to address such challenges proactively and effectively, via automated scanning, log monitoring/analysis and security compliance checks.

Check out this informative white paper by top technical author Alastair Cooke!

  • Without being able to proactively identify potential issues, resolution is inherently reactive and outages are just a matter of when
    IT admins cannot physically do what an automated tool can do – e.g. read and memorize +30K KB articles, Best Practices, etc., to find all possible misconfigurations and security gaps
  • A simple solution exists and typically provides ROI from the very first scan
  • Get the copy via email now!
How to ensure security compliance for PCI DSS

How to ensure security compliance for PCI DSS

Everything you need to know about the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), in an ebook by Kev Johnson.

You'll learn:

  • Who should be PCI DSS compliant
  • What are PCI DSS compliance requirements
  • Twelve PCI DSS compliance requirements
  • Major Pain Points
  • The 3-Step Process
  • How to free up time & resources with automation
The Business Case For Runecast Analyzer

The Business Case For Runecast Analyzer

A guide for business leadership on how to reduce costs and increase IT efficiency.

Businesses across the industry verticals are relying on virtualization and VMware vSphere to reduce capital expenses, improve business continuity and make their operations more responsive. Now that majority of the infrastructures have been virtualized, companies are starting to face ever increasing complexity that requires ever increasing resource overhead. This significantly reduces the original purpose of using virtualization as a means of simplifying the operations.

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