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The Runecast team is fully committed to a customer-first approach with no compromises in quality of service. Our teams aim to provide the fastest support and a personal touch to every customer.
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Innovation is how Runecast was born, and it’s how we approach our customer and partner support. We’re a diverse bunch of engineers, inventors, disruptors, consultants, and communicators from around the world who believe that a big part of success comes from delivering the highest quality service.
Up to date with you
We deliver regular (weekly at minimum) definition updates for detecting potential misconfigurations and vulnerabilities (including CVEs and VMSAs) in your environment proactively. We’re also continuously improving Runecast with new features to continuously fine-tune your hybrid IT evolution.
Runecast Analyzer saves de Volksbank 75% troubleshooting time to ensure uninterrupted access to their services by millions of customers across the Netherlands.
de Volksbank

Let our Customers tell you in their own words

Our customers tell us regularly how Runecast benefits CIOs, CISOs, and both Security and Operations teams across verticals with a proactive approach that results in major time and cost savings, increased uptime and security standards compliance.

Secure and optimize your hybrid cloud

If you’re ready to take your security and operations to the next level, contact us and see how Runecast can accelerate your IT strategy. Our customers and partners tell us that once they deployed Runecast, their ROI was clear and immediate.

More Case Studies

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Runecast saves Kiel Municipal Hospital 100s of hours
Runecast saves Kiel Municipal Hospital 100s of hours
Kiel Municipal Hospital in Germany saves 100s of hours, months, of manual work in securing its complex IT environment to ensure compliance.
Oman Airports Enhances Security with Automation
Aviation & Aerospace
Oman Airports Improves Cybersecurity with CNAPP
Learn how Oman Airports improved their cybersecurity posture by automating compliance processes with Runecast. See the results in our case study.
Telecoms/ISP Case Study – Runecast gives stability and more
Media & Telecommunications
Romania’s largest ISP network operator
Romania's largest ISP and mobile telecoms provider is responsible for the country’s critical communications infrastructure.
Victor Central Schools – Runecast EDU Case Study
Victor Central Schools
Victor Central Schools District provides education services to roughly 4,500 students in upstate New York.
University of St Andrews – Runecast Education Case Study
The University of St Andrews
Read how Runecast Analyzer helps University of St Andrews in Scotland to reduce 80% of IT issues and monthly incidents.
Skyguide – Runecast Aviation Case Study
Aviation & Aerospace
Runecast Analyzer provides Skyguide a centralized view of what is happening in its VMware infrastructure, increases team productivity and mitigates risks.
Runecast Boosts Performance & Mitigates Outages Risk (EDU)
BYU Idaho
Implementing Runecast Analyzer has delivered a number of advantages for BYU Idaho, including time and cost savings and ensuring their VMware vSphere environment operates at optimal performance.
Runecast Helps to Deliver Reporting and Mitigate Issues
Pacific Seafood
The major benefits delivered by Runecast Analyzer for Pacific Seafood are the security and best practices analysis as well as KPI reporting.
Near East Bank – Runecast Financial Sector Case Study
Banking, Financial Services, Insurance (BFSI)
Near East Bank
Read how Runecast saves Near East Bank 90% of time previously spent troubleshooting IT.
Runecast Brings Peace of Mind to Seijo University Management
Seijo University
Runecast Analyzer helps VMUG Japan leader maintain Seijo University network in a smart and efficient way.
NJVC Uses Runecast Analyzer for Proactive vSphere Management
IT Service Provider
Runecast Analyzer enables NJVC to operate its VMware environment in a secure, compliant, and optimal manner. Runecast Analyzer also significantly mitigates downtime for NJVC, and saving many man-hours.
ONI Reduces Downtime and Increases Security
IT Service Provider
Read how ONI managed to reach 70-80% man-hours time savings and increase security with the help of Runecast Analyzer.
NCC Reduces Outages and Issues by 75%
Media & Telecommunications
NCC Media
NCC Media harnesses the enormous reach and consumer power of cable television programming, new interactive technologies, and online products in every US market.
How Service Providers Use Runecast Analyzer
Innovative Public Transportation Solution Provider
See how our customer managed to reach 80% time and effort savings of maintaining secure environments.
JSG Relies on Runecast to Mitigate Risk of Outages
Johnson Service Group (JSG)
Runecast Analyzer provides unparalleled insights into JSG's virtual infrastructure to ensure risk mitigation of any major outages.
Indonesian Cloud increases efficiency and audit readiness
IT Service Provider
Indonesian Cloud
By leveraging Runecast Analyzer, Indonesian Cloud was able to proactively resolve numerous high profile issues which in a matter of minutes, a task which would normally take months to complete.
Basque Financial Institution Saves Dozens of Man-Hours
Banking, Financial Services, Insurance (BFSI)
Laboral Kutxa
Runecast Analyzer identified very important latent issues including ones causing purple screen of death, network connectivity issues, ESXi host failures and virtual machine failures.
How Leading Insurance Organization Ensures Optimal Uptime
Banking, Financial Services, Insurance (BFSI)
PRO BTP utilizes Runecast Analyzer to keep their VMware virtual infrastructure running at optimal performance and enabling their IT department to run more efficiently.
Hochschule Stralsund – Runecast Education Case Study
Hochschule Stralsund
Stralsund University of Applied Sciences is an innovative campus university with future-oriented study programs offering 2,400 students optimal conditions for successful studies and a promising start to their careers in the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering and business.
Runecast Enables Telit to Maximize VMware Investments
IT Service Provider
Telit - a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT) - relies on Runecast Analyzer to meet their systems uptime goals and business SLAs.
FLEXdata - Runecast Analyzer Case Study
IT Service Provider
Read how FLEXdata, an Australian System Integration company, gains 90% time savings in upgrade planning with Runecast Analyzer.
Aberystwyth University – Runecast Education Case Study
Aberystwyth University
Aberystwyth University uses Runecast Analyzer to ensure security and stability for its award-winning higher-education services.
Runecast Saves de Volksbank 75% Troubleshooting Time
Banking, Financial Services, Insurance (BFSI)
de Volksbank
Runecast Analyzer saves de Volksbank 75% troubleshooting time to ensure uninterrupted access to their services by millions of customers across the Netherlands.
Runecast Minimizes Operational Risks for Space Missions
Aviation & Aerospace
DLR – German Aerospace Center
Read how Runecast Analyzer provides risk mitigation for business-critical IT systems supporting space missions.
Notino – Runecast eCommerce Case Study
Europe’s largest online fragrance and beauty retailer relies on Runecast for real-time support and mitigation of datacenter downtime.
DHU Health Care – Runecast Public Healthcare Case Study
DHU Health Care
Read the case study about how DHU Health Care stabilizes NHS 111 & other urgent-health systems with Runecast.
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