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Runecast and Runecast Analyzer – Built by Admins, for Admins.

Company Overview

Runecast was founded in 2014 by a team of virtualization professionals with a vision: help VMware admins to have better control over their environments.

Today, IT System Admins around the world benefit from Runecast Analyzer’s automated predictive intelligence for their increasingly complex IT environments.

Headquartered in London (U.K.), with a development center in the beautiful Czech city of Brno (sometimes called the Silicon Valley of Central Europe), Runecast has additional offices in Phoenix (Arizona, USA), Prague (Czech Republic), and Sydney (Australia), with a Partner Network that spans the globe.

The Runecast team’s dedication to providing unrivaled customer experience has earned it a five-star rating from reviews on Capterra, IDG Connect named Runecast one of “20 Red-Hot, Pre-IPO Companies to Watch in the 2019 B2B Tech” space, and Gartner named Runecast a 2020 Cool Vendor.

We help stabilize mission-critical IT operations in real time

Organizations using Runecast Analyzer to mitigate service risks and ensure maximum efficiency and performance within their mission-critical data centers include: Chevron, Erste Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, de Volksbank, Fujisoft, Scania, Avast Software, the NHS, the German Aerospace Center (DLR), and many more. An Enterprise Console provides a single-dashboard view of larger environments.

Security by design: No data leaves your site

We keep your VMware, AWS, and Kubernetes environments 'audit-ready' by providing you automated security compliance checks for the most common industry standards like CIS Benchmarks, NIST, PCI DSS, HIPAA, DISA STIG, BSI IT-Grundschutz, and GDPR, with more standards regularly added to Runecast Analyzer's capabilities. The best part is that all of this happens securely on-premises (even offline), with no data ever needing to leave your site.

Runecast History Timeline

Runecast team

- 2014 -

A group of ex-IBM virtualization experts had a vision to provide real-time automated insights for mission-critical IT environments – using human-readable ‘sources of truth’, using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create machine-readable rules from it, and building it all into Runecast Analyzer.

Runecast founders

- 2015 -

Runecast Analyzer 1.0 was rolled out at VMworld San Francisco. Runecast won an Editor’s Choice Award from Virtualization Review.

- 2016 -

Runecast started to land big customers like Verizon Wireless in the USA, DLR in Germany, and entered the Japanese market with a Fujisoft partnership.

Runecast received 1.6M EUR in Seed funding from leading Central European investors Credo Ventures (Prague) and Limerock Fund Manager (Bratislava).

- 2017 -

Highly scalable Runecast Analyzer 1.5 was released, supporting multiple vCenters;  a Security Compliance focus was added to Runecast Analyzer with automated DISA STIG checks.

Runecast won a Tech Trailblazer Award and was a Finalist for a CRN Tech Innovators Award.

- 2018 -

Runecast Analyzer 2.0 launched, with a new dashboard and features including historical trending analysis and automated PCI DSS and HIPAA security checks – now integrated also with vSAN, NSX, and Horizon.

Computing magazine named Runecast a UK IT Industry Awards Finalist. Also, Runecast created an exclusive ‘KB Hunt’ game for VMware admins, to help them memorize the most dangerous issues that can cause a Purple Screen of Death (PSOD) if they're not resolved in time.

- 2019 -

Runecast Analyzer 3.0 launched with ESXi upgrade simulations against VMware’s HCL, plus auto-remediation workflows. IDG Connect named Runecast one of “20 Red-Hot, Pre-IPO Companies to Watch in the 2019 B2B Tech” space. Runecast won a €1.9M EU Horizon 2020 grant to accelerate the development of its Runecast AI Knowledge Automation (RAIKA) technology.

Runecast Analyzer 4.0 launched support for AWS cloud. As well, Runecast earned great recognition with a “VMworld Finalist Award” from TechTarget and additional finalist rankings for Computing magazine Technology Product Awards (Best Virtualisation Product and Technology Innovator of the Year), a Computing magazine Security Excellence Award (Security Automation), and an SDC Award (Digital Transformation Company of the Year).

Runecasters – Where we come from

The Runecast team comprises over 50 trailblazers whose tendencies to see the world a little differently have resulted in an unparalleled software solution for mission-critical data centers.

Basically, we’re a diverse bunch of engineers, inventors, disruptors, consultants, and communicators from around the world. Today, the Runecast team represents the following countries, either by home base, nationality, or other origins: Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States.

Runecasters - map of regions

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