Save Time by Automating Your VMware Log Analysis

Runecast Analyzer makes sense of all the data in your ESXi logs by proactively monitoring in real time for known misconfigurations. Our customers report saving 75-90% of time previously spent troubleshooting.
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Hundreds of logs every day that need to be processed manually

It is extremely hard, if not impossible, for even the most seasoned IT veterans to translate the huge amount of logs coming from their IT environments into actionable insights. The 'business as usual' approach is a break-fix cycle that is reactive at best.

  • Once an issue is identified, there are often no clear steps to resolution.


Automated VMware Log Analysis

Monitor your logs in real-time for specific patterns described in the VMware Knowledge Base. Runecast Analyzer scans your specific configuration and provides Best Practices fit-gap analysis reports and Security Hardening checks.

  • If an issue is detected, you will be provided with resolution steps.
  • Reduces delays in solving issues.
  • Acts as a syslog server collector, parsing the logs from your ESXi logs and VMs.
  • Built-in vCenter log insights analysis.
  • Filters entries based on important predicates: FailedTo, SCSI_command, NMP, Unableto, Error, and shell.
  • Saves up to 80% of the time previously spent troubleshooting.
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