Runecast for Kubernetes

Optimize and Secure Your Kubernetes Workloads

Proactively detect and mitigate configuration issues and security risks with a patented solution for real-time, actionable insights: Runecast Analyzer
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Full Visibility Of Issues In Your Kubernetes environment

Full Visibility Of Issues In Your Kubernetes environment

Runecast enables proactive Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM) so your team knows where to focus attention first. You'll see a list of critical issues and steps to remediate according to Kubernetes Best Practices. Vulnerability management is simple with CVEs shown in the dashboard. Hybrid environments can see issues also for AWS, Azure, GCP, VMware, Windows and Linux – all from the same dashboard.

Ensure consistency and end config drift with Configuration Vault. You can generate custom remediation scripts in Runecast and maintain historical data for audit evidence and trends over time.

Get Real-time security analysis and reports for your Kubernetes

Runecast scans Kubernetes environment and provides audit-ready compliance reports and security hardening checks. Kubernetes security posture management capabilities includes CIS Benchmarks, BSI IT-Grundshutz, CISA Hardening Guide as well as catalog of CISA KEVs (Known Exploited Vulnerabilities).

How It Works

Runecast offers automated Kubernetes configuration analysis at the node-level, cluster-level, and workload level. You can deploy Runecast Analyzer directly to Kubernetes using our Helm chart.

Regardless Where You Run It, You Maintain Control

Running securely on your own infrastructure, Runecast Analyzer automates security compliance checks for your Kubernetes infrastructure with insights into what is happening both in the cloud and on-premises. No sensitive company, employee, or customer data needs to leave your control.

Built By Admins For Admins

Runecast Analyzer is your new best friend for visibility into risks and issues, and security compliance monitoring and reporting. Save time and money by moving to a more proactive approach to your IT operations!

Built By Admins For Admins

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Full visibility over your Hybrid & Multi Cloud

Full visibility over your Hybrid & Multi Cloud

Runecast Analyzer helps teams with a simpler transition to hybrid and multi cloud environments. Running securely in your infrastructure, it provides insights into what is happening both in the cloud and on site. Automate the reporting of support tickets with our ServiceNow integration!

Supported Services

Amazon EKS

Microsoft AKS

Google GKE

VMware Tanzu

HPE Ezmeral Container Platform

Supported systems & Integrations

Runecast plays well with your existing tools. See all supported systems & integrations.
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HPE Ezmeral Marketplace

Runecast is an HPE Technology Partner, and Runecast is validated for deployment on the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform. To learn more about Runecast on HPE Ezmeral please see our:

HPE Ezmeral Marketplace page
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Protect Kubernetes in Production with HPE Ezmeral and Runecast

As workloads move from virtual machines(VMs) into the cloud and Kubernetes space, it is easy to lose visibility of the varying best practices and security standards. Monitoring and security are more challenging because IT administrators often need to use multiple tools for VMs and Kubernetes. Runecast on HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise solves this problem with a single interface by providing monitoring, best practices, and security/compliance checks for Kubernetes, public cloud, and VMs.

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