Solution Brief

Reduce Attack Surface with Runecast Vulnerability Assessment

Download our solution brief now to gain a deeper understanding of the Assess phase in vulnerability management, and learn how to effectively evaluate the cyber exposure of all your assets and identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other security health indicators.

As modern organizations embark on digital business transformation and their IT infrastructure grows, becoming more complex and distributed, the risk of falling victim to cyber-attacks is higher than ever. Every host, software application, or network point can be an attack vector that malicious actors can leverage to infiltrate the environment to cause damage.

In this scenario, assessing the level of cyber exposure in your environment is crucial to accurately evaluate your organization's security posture against potential threats.

In this solution brief, you will find:

  • The importance of vulnerability assessment in a mature cybersecurity strategy
  • How to address the five stages of the Cyber Exposure Lifecycle
  • Effective vulnerability assessment with Runecast
Reducing Attack Surface with Runecast Vulnerability Assessment