Governance, risk and compliance (GRC)

Compliance and risk management often referred to as governance, risk and compliance management (GRC) now matters more than ever. Staying on top of internal and external guidelines as well as regulatory compliance needs to protect your enterprise from the potential devastating impact of noncompliance has become one of the biggest topics for CXO’s.

Why You Care

Compliance is not optional

Unlike business process improvements (BPI), hardware and software refresh cycles, life cycle management of assets, Compliance is simply not optional. Being found in noncompliance or even worse, having to face a potential breach can be devastating to organizations of any size and maturity.


Being “audit-ready”

Knowing an organization is in compliance is very different from proofing it. Creating and furnishing data for Audits and Auditor requests can take entire teams of security and compliance experts days and sometimes weeks or even months. Time that should be spent with implementing and monitoring compliance standards and not with data collection.

Runecast for Compliance and Risk Management

Providing Visibility, Compliance and Remediation for your hybrid cloud

Runecast provides visibility of all assets across your entire estate – AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, VMware, Windows or Linux – for on-prem, hybrid or multi cloud environments. Best of all, it’s a single platform for all your enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management needs.

Compliance Adoption

Runecast covers a growing list of regulatory standards such as PCI-DSS, CIS, GDPR, BSI, NIST, DISA STIG, Cyber Essentials, TISAX and many more, allowing you to continuously track your compliance level and the adoption of specific standards across your entire estate.

Fine-grained control and insights

Runecast not only provides the ability to apply recognized compliance standards but also allows for the creation of custom profiles for internal policies and auditing requirements.

Flexible reporting

Stay on top of your security compliance posture with regular email reports. Get alerted on any compliance gaps without having to login to the Runecast UI. Leverage the RESTful API and Runecast’s native integrations to bring the compliance insights to other system management platforms.

With Runecast, you can produce audit-ready summary or verbose customizable reports of your security compliance posture in various formats. You can report on the current security compliance posture or any historical point for at least 365 days. This way, you can demonstrate not only your current state, but also historical security compliance posture.

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“The best in its league”

Run it... you will be amazed by the findings. We always think that a lot of applications are secure by nature and by how they’ve been designed, but after deploying Runecast you really understand the gaps that you might have in your environment and it’s definitely an eye-opener.


Vice President - Infrastructure & Security at Oman Airports