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Press coverage, media coverage, news coverage… whatever you want to call it, we at Runecast are always happy to see it, as well as in-depth product reviews by those who know best all the daily data center operational pain points that Runecast aims to eliminate. We’re also proud to have gotten SO MANY great product reviews and other mentions in 2019, our best year so far in the company’s five-year history, in terms of growth.

Runecast Celebrates 5 Years of Helping Data Center Admins

They say that time flies when you’re having fun, and we’re having so much fun that our five-year anniversary in Q4 2019 was less about partying and more about innovating! In Q4 of 2014, a group of ex-IBM employees had a vision to build something great, to solve real data center needs in an automated, proactive way. Here’s a brief timeline of what we’ve done since.

Runecast 4.0 provides new AWS insights & capabilities

Runecast made its name by providing the most benefits and enhanced ROI for VMware-based environments. Now, to support companies on their path to hybrid cloud migration, we’re adding Amazon Web Services (AWS) analysis for helping IT teams to address issues that can arise. In terms of security, Runecast operates fully on premises, with no data shared outside the environment.

Horizon 2020 Awards Runecast €1.9M for Expanding Innovations

Runecast Solutions, a leading provider of patent-pending predictive analytics for VMware environments, announces that it has won a Horizon 2020 EU grant to further expand the capabilities of its automated AI-driven management and remediation solution, Runecast Analyzer.

New ‘ZombieLoad’ Attacks Intel’s Newest Cascade Lake Chips

SECURITY NOTICE: Security vulnerability MDS (Microarchitectural Data Sampling) was extended in November 2019 by the additional discovery of a new form of ZombieLoad called TAA (TSX Asynchronous Abort). After Spectre, Meltdown and Foreshadow vulnerabilities, the Zombieload strain is another critical weakness for modern processors.

BSI Compliance Beyond Germany — What You Need to Know

You may have even done a web search to learn what BSI is — whether it affects you, your team, or your organization — and learned that it’s an acronym for the German Federal Office for Information Security. And if you did any of that, you likely also saw references to ‘IT-Grundschutz’, meaning ‘IT baseline protection’.

Runecast awards, reviews & news coverage – Q3 2019

Runecast is celebrating five years! That’s five years of helping VMware-based data centers with security compliance, uptime, and lower operational costs. Our passion for building the dream we all shared at the start has not changed, but the recognition we receive from it has grown – thanks to all of you in the vCommunity… our peers, partners, and customers.

Runecast gets warm welcome at San Francisco's VMworld US 2019

“In 2015 we launched Runecast Analyzer 1.0 at VMworld San Francisco. I won't forget the moment the Solutions Exchange doors opened and people started pouring in. Four years later, VMworld is back to San Francisco and this brings a special feeling of pride, appreciation, and’s amazing how far we've come!”

New Runecast Analyzer 3.0 with vSAN HCL Checks and more!

Yesterday we launched Runecast Analyzer 3.0, providing (among other things) scalability improvements, faster configuration analysis, and production-ready Hardware Compatibility Analysis and Upgrade Simulations that now include vSAN.

Get editable PCI-DSS checks in Runecast Analyzer

Passing through security audits is a challenging and time-consuming activity that requires deep expertise and comprehensive knowledge of many different security rules. Luckily, you don’t have to do it manually, since Runecast Analyzer covers automated security compliance analysis for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, DISA STIG, and GDPR.

VMworld 2019 San Francisco - Tips & Tricks

As a VMworld attendee, you”ll experience a spectacular array of sessions to attend August 25 to 29 in San Francisco, as well as many networking opportunities, brand new technology solutions to try, and many other activities. There are tons of things to do in just a few days and you might be afraid of FOMO ('fear of missing out') syndrome. But no worries, we bring you five quick tips on how to get the most out of VMworld this year.

An Inquiry into the Nature of (Not) Reporting Data Center Problems

It is widely known that ‘technical issues’ are a primary factor leading to data center outages and/or VMware errors such as the ill-fated Purple Screen of Death (PSOD). But how might communication rank as a factor?

Runecast reviews & news coverage – first half of 2019

We often hear from customers that Runecast Analyzer has made a huge difference for their companies in those areas, helping to ensure that they don't waste a lot of time on issues that, with Runecast, can be found automatically and resolved proactively – before some disaster requires a whole team to troubleshoot for days.

VMware reports critical new partial denial of service vulnerability in ESXi hostd processes. Learn here if you are affected.

On July 9th, VMware reported they had discovered a new vulnerability affecting ESXi versions 6.5 and 6.7 exclusively, along with remediation patches. Runecast Analyzer users have been able to detect the issue automatically since July 12th (v2.7.2).

Runecast Analyzer: See the future with the new ESXi Upgradability feature

The new Automated VMware Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) functionality with ESXi upgradability is out and available in beta to all users. With this addition, Runecast Analyzer can now check your servers for future compatibility issues – in addition to uncovering past and present issues and verifying the I/O devices within them.

Newly-found ‘MDS’ is the next Meltdown. Here’s how to stop it.

Independent security researchers have identified a new class of vulnerabilities in Intel chips, dating back to 2011 which, if exploited, could leak sensitive data stored in the processor, such as keys, account tokens, private messages, passwords and more.

Analytics and Monitoring: Aylin Sali @ Cloud Insiders podcast

IT has become an essential part of business and driving business success. In order to ensure effective IT operations and management, IT teams need to keep their finger on the pulse - this is where monitoring comes in.

Runecast Analyzer: Automated VMware HCL Now Available in Public BETA

Following on from our recent private beta we are delighted to release our new Automated VMware HCL functionality as a public beta to our valued Customers and new users. With this release, Runecast Analyzer checks your servers for compatibility and verifies the I/O devices within them.

NLVMUG UserCon 2019 Recap

The Dutch VMUG UserCon is known to be the most attended UserCon event globally. Runecast is sponsoring for the second consecutive year and it’s something I have been personally looking forward to a lot.

vROAST: Deployment and Initial Configuration

The vRO Assistant (vROAST) is a free community tool developed initially for internal usage by ITQ. It accelerates vRO code development and creates strong source control (GIT) integration. During the NLVMUG on March 21st 2019, vROAST was publicly released for the whole vCommunity. I read about the tool only a few days before the scheduled GA announcement and I was really excited to try it out.

Sydney VMUG UserCon Recap

These are busy days for Runecast – on top of running the HCL beta and publishing a new vRO plugin, we are sponsoring 5 VMUG events within just 2 weeks – VMUG Stuttgart, Sydney UserCon, Toronto UserCon, Dutch UserCon and VMUG Scotland. As I am participating in 3 of those (Germany, Australia and Netherlands) I thought of sharing my experience.

DEVMUG at Castle

These are busy days for Runecast – on top of running the HCL beta and publishing a new vRO plugin, we are sponsoring 5 VMUG events within just 2 weeks – VMUG Stuttgart, Sydney UserCon, Toronto UserCon, Dutch UserCon and VMUG Scotland. As I am participating in 3 of those (Germany, Australia and Netherlands) I thought of sharing my experience. First stop – VMUG Stuttgart.

Secure VMware vSphere with Runecast's vRO Plugin

The Runecast vRO plugin version 1.0.3 comes with built-in workflows for enforcing security configuration for VMs, Hosts and DVPortgroups.

What Users Really Think about Runecast

As you know, Runecast helps users all over the world secure their VMware environment with automated analysis against VMware’s KB, standards such as PCI DSS, GDPR, and DISA STIG, as well as best practices from VMware and the community. What you may not know is that Runecast has a perfect 5/5 star overall score in Capterra, with 5/5 stars in Ease of Use and 4.5/5 stars in customer service, across over 25 reviews!