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Getting Started with Security Standards Compliance

Welcome to Runecast Academy 2! These series enable you to understand what security standards are and learn how easy it is to be compliant.

Runecast Academy Series 2 – Part 1. Getting Started with Security Standards Compliance

What are we presenting?

Runecast presents the second Academy Series, which will focus on security standards. So, why security standards? Well, as there is an increased demand for security standards compliance, we thought there is a need to understand them more, and discuss proactive solutions to help our vision grow. 

What are Security Standards?

Security Standards in the cyber security world can be defined as a set of rules for products or processes that provide consistency and efficiency. Just like rules and regulations govern people's actions, these standards are designed to provide a repeatable way of doing things in this environment. 

Why are they important?

As the modern IT environments change for the sake of progress, an increase in complexity develops, making everyday security difficult. In such dynamic environments, the need to improve performance and maintain availability grows, and one step to achieving this is focusing on security. 

Who benefits from these articles?

Basically, everyone who is interested. From people who are just beginning or have an interest to learn about cyber security and security standards, to cybersecurity professionals, CISO and CIOs, Ops teams tasked with the implementation of security standards, as well as audit or governance teams who want to know which standard is best for them. 

NB: This series covers basic knowledge regarding security standards, pain points to compliance and quick solutions.

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