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LONDON, U.K. – JULY 13, 2023

Runecast Solutions Ltd., a leading provider of a cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) for AI-powered automation of risk-based vulnerability management, continuous compliance audits, container security and more efficient ITOM, is pleased to announce the positive results of its recent customer survey, showcasing the high satisfaction levels and key drivers for organizations adopting the Runecast platform.

For Runecast, not only customer satisfaction but customer success has been a guiding principle since its inception, as Runecast customer success stories can confirm. Runecast customer reviews on Capterra give the Runecast platform 4.8 out of 5 stars, while a more detailed overview from Runecast customer reviews on G2 show it receiving a full 10/10 for Quality of Support and 9.9/10 each for Ease of Setup and Ease of Use. Runecast reported in January that it ranked 'High Performer' with 'Best Support' across all quarterly 2022 G2 Grid® Reports as well.

“Customer success really does guide everything we do,” said Antun Stare, Customer Success Manager at Runecast. “We think of our customers more as business partners, because we won’t be successful unless we are helping them to achieve their organizational or team goals – so it’s not just about whether they are happy with Runecast or not, our interest goes way beyond that.”

Aside from the reviews that come via third-party peer-review portals, Runecast periodically asks customers to complete satisfaction surveys. A Runecast customer survey earlier this year received responses from job functions that included Architecture, Database, Development, Network & Systems Administration, Security, and Procurement – with 68.2% of respondents representing organizations of more than 500 employees and the vast majority being in the 500-10,000 range (59.1% overall).


A Runecast Customer Survey earlier this year revealed that the number one reason that drove organizations to adopt the AI-powered Runecast platform was "Saving time in detecting and remediating security incidents that can lead to severe or critical operational problems," with 27.3%.

This was followed by "Gaining real-time visibility of operational problems in our IT infrastructure" in a close second place, with 22.7%.

Tied for importance at third place, each with 13.6% of respondents, were: "Making sure that our systems are compliant and follow industry security best practices" and "Having access to information about hardware compatibility, potential bugs, and security risks with the new versions or updates before they manifest as real issues."

More generally "Reducing the number of security incidents" took the next spot, with 9.1% of responses.

Graph of the survey results of the question: What was the most important need that drove your organization to adopt Runecast?
What was the most important need that drove your organization to adopt Runecast?


For the question "Why did you purchase Runecast instead of any other solution?" a full 90.9% of respondents said, "I didn't find another solution with all the capabilities that Runecast provides in a single platform."

As multiple options could be selected, coming in second at 45.5% was "It provides an easily navigable user experience. It needs no training to start working with it."

Third and fourth places went to "It provides dedicated security issue information by compliance authority through a single platform" and "It offers an extended knowledge base that others don't supply," with 40.9% and 36.4%, respectively.

Other factors included the variety of technologies that Runecast supports, its aid in preventing configuration drift, and its capabilies ranging from on-premises to cloud to containers.

Graph showing the survey results of the question: Why did you purchase Runecast instead of any other solution?
Why did you purchase Runecast instead of any other solution?


When asked to select on a 1-10 scale whether their problems were resolved by adopting Runecast, 86.4% answered within the best-possible 8-10 range, with the remaining 13.6% answering in the also-good 6-7 range.

Graph showing results of the survey question: Do you agree or disagree that your problems were effectively resolved by adopting Runecast?
Do you agree or disagree that your problems were effectively resolved by adopting Runecast?


Likewise, when asked how easy it was to solve the aforementioned issues with Runecast, 90.9% selected the best-possible 8-10 range, with the remaining 9% choosing the also-good 6-7 range.

“We are continuously talking with our customers about their evolving needs and improving Runecast with new features to help them stay ahead of the curve,” added Mr. Stare. “Even between major releases we are delivering weekly definition updates that often come with new features added, and many of these are based on our customers’ goals.”

As one of the only on-prem Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) vendors, Runecast aims to revolutionize the way that IT teams think about and approach configuration drift, vulnerability assessment/management and compliance. In just 15 minutes, customers can seamlessly deploy Runecast, to achieve and maintain not only ad-hoc audit readiness but continuous compliance – across their entire infrastructure, from VMware to Cloud and Containers. With its unrivaled capabilities, Runecast can even operate air-gapped for maximum security.

Discover how Runecast can transform your organization's daily operations at www.runecast.com.

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Runecast Solutions Ltd. is a leading global provider of a patented, AI-powered proactive vulnerability management and cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) for security, compliance, risk mitigation and more efficient IT Operations Management (ITOM). Forward-focused enterprises like Avast, DocuSign, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and Merck/MSD rely on Runecast for proactive vulnerability and configuration management, security and compliance assessment, operational efficiency and mission-critical stability. Headquartered in London, U.K., Runecast is a Gartner Cool Vendor, is recommended by CISA, and has won Computing awards for Enterprise Threat Detection, Cloud Security Product of the Year, and Best Place to Work in Digital.

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