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Runecast’s partnership with Xtravirt continues to enhance the Compliance Management offer in the UK market.

Founded in 2007, Xtravirt is a leading cloud consulting and managed services business based in the UK. Xtravirt helps organisations bridge the gap between legacy IT systems and the cloud in the public and private sectors. As the world becomes increasingly digitally transformed, recognizing the need for services that facilitate and support the transition to innovation is paramount.

Innovation is reinforced by a strategy that enables flexibility and resilience to meet the changing needs of their clients. Runecast has partnered with Xtravirt since 2020, providing risk and compliance management as a service. Our partnership helps organisations identify and address new security risks through patches, updates, and standard processes, ensuring that their internal and cloud platforms are compliant and secure.

Risk and Compliance Management as a Service

Xtravirt's Managed Services (XMS) helps IT leaders stay up-to-date on regulatory compliance and protect their enterprise environments. We provide a clear understanding of any risks or issues within VMware environments through a structured and well-governed process for ongoing assessment, mitigation, and control of risks. This helps reduce information security gaps and instils confidence in business leaders, auditors, and compliance frameworks. XMS is a comprehensive managed service solution for VMware environments that is based on a next-generation model. It is trusted by global enterprises, international banks, and government agencies to manage their platforms and is designed to provide flexibility to adapt to changing IT and business needs.

Easy access to new and existing potential customers and integrations

One clear advantage for Runecast in partnering with Xtravirt was the ability to access:

  • Existing VMware customers who want to be able to evidence, understand and manage their availability, performance and information security risks, prioritise resolution, evidence evaluation and proactive risk management.
  • Organisations who want to understand current state risks prior to undertaking transformation, whether that be significant upgrades or introducing new VMware platforms or technologies.
  • Organisations with VMware-based platforms managed by a third party who want an independent assessment of configuration and technology risks prior to contract renewal.
  • IT leaders and risk managers who need the information necessary to understand current risks, prioritise necessary corrective action and evidence proactive management and controls.

Runecast supports Xtravirt Managed Services

McKinsey states companies need to address these main four challenges:

  • Manual tasks and Processes driving human error and time wastage,
  • Lack of clear ownership leading to multiple skilled professionals responding to the same incident,
  • Misaligned success metrics driving the wrong results,
  • Too many ops, not enough engineers – too much focus on cause and not enough on the symptoms.

Nearly 80% of surveyed cloud decision-makers said these challenges have a negative impact on their firm’s ability to realise their intended digital transformation outcomes.

Ensuring effective platform management, realisation of transformation benefits and support for changing business requirements places broad demands on IT. Xtravirt Managed Services helps reduce risk and focus internal teams on higher value outcomes, by:

  • Creating scalable and highly reliable systems and processes, leveraging technology and automation to mitigate human error,
  • Providing a collaborative team of subject matter experts to drive focussed project outcomes,
  • Using adaptive business outcomes, as opposed to a rigid tick list of activities,
  • Focusing on the symptom, not the cause, and ensuring best practices at all levels of engagement.

The partnership between Runecast and Xtravirt brings together two great teams with one combined goal: making your Risk and Compliance as pain free and effective as possible.

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