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Wade is a 25+ year IT veteran and spent most of that time working for Hewlett Packard and its spin-off services companies. He studied Business Administration with an IT emphasis at Idaho State University. Wade is a native Idahoan and has spent all his life living in that ‘wild’ state. He enjoys all of the natural activities that Idaho has to offer, like spending time in the woods, riding motorcycles and four-wheelers, hunting, fishing, golfing, and hanging out with friends, but also spending most of his time close to family. “Family time around the campfire” is a favorite pastime.

After spending two and a half decades chasing the “corporate dream” Wade realized it was time for a more personal and rewarding work experience. So, he sought out and found a small, young software company to work for…. Runecast!

Now Wade is one of the essential go-to people for Runecast R&D, Marketing, Sales, and Support teams, and he provides regular, down-to-earth technical trainings and the occasional Runecast blog article as well, like his recent contribution “Top 10 issues VMware Admins face (but don’t need to alone).”

Q&A with Wade

You recently traveled overseas to meet your teammates in Europe. This was a first for you. What did you think of the experience?

That was the most amazing experience. I had never traveled outside of the US. I always wanted to but never had the opportunity. It is difficult to put into words but everything from the culture to the architecture and history to simply the way people live. There are many differences that I experienced that you do not get in the states. I look forward to going again.

You spent most of your career working for fortune 500 companies. What prompted you to make such a big change?

I spent many, many years devoted to large companies and much effort to do my best to make an impact. When you work with a force of 100,000+ employees it is difficult to realize your personal impact. Many people come and go in that sort of work environment and it seemed like I was always trying to prove myself again. I wanted my work to be evident and impactful. I knew that a smaller company would provide that.

What is your specific role for Runecast and how does your work benefit the company?

I joined Runecast in 2019 as a Technical Pre-Sales Engineer. I showcase the product from a technical perspective and illustrate to potential and existing clients how Runecast can solve their computing problems.

I have many years of experience in solutioning virtual server platforms. Runecast is designed to automatically identify underlying configuration and security compliance issues in environments that are prone to problems. I relate the technical and business benefit of purchasing and running our software.

Also, I provide insight into the US-based market system and provide inputs on how best to approach potential clients and verticals here.

What do you like best about your role with Runecast?

Runecast is such incredible software and it directly aligns with my experience as a Systems Engineer. It really is a solution that I wish I had when I was doing that role. It makes my job easy because the product sells itself. It eliminates most of the mundane and difficult tasks that an SE performs daily.

I get to meet new people every day. I’ve always had an interest in business and now I speak to people every day that work in many different industries that provide various products and services. This is fun for me.

I get to work with a geographically diverse team of dedicated people. We have a broad cultural mix of employees which allows us to learn all the time from each other. Everyone in the company has a vested interest in making it successful.

And I am able to add value to many different teams within the company. I provide input and relate my experiences in everything from sales to marketing to technologies. Never a dull moment.

Thank you!

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