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Xtravirt and Runecast partner to deliver more customer value

London, U.K., 19 May 2020 – Runecast Solutions Ltd., a leading provider of patented, predictive analytics for VMware and AWS environments, today announced that it has combined forces with Xtravirt, an award-winning cloud consultancy firm, MSP, and VMware 2020 Regional Partner of the Year.

How to set up Custom Repositories with Runecast Analyzer

With the release of an Enterprise Console in Runecast Analyzer, we also introduced a new capability that will be a big help to customers with larger environments. In these environments, you typically want to limit access to the internet where possible, and the capability to run your own internal Runecast repository, then have your Runecast Analyzer appliances all point to this repo allows you to do this.

Runecast Analyzer: Now available on the VMware Cloud Marketplace

In 2018, VMware launched its VMware Cloud Marketplace, packed full of easy to deploy applications from a whole host of providers ranging from Key Management Servers to storage appliances, all the way through to Helm charts for all kinds of container-based applications.

Runecast Analyzer reviews & news coverage – Q1 2020

Over five years ago we set out to help IT System Admins to proactively get control of their VMware SDDCs by lowering the time (and money) they were wasting troubleshooting their virtual infrastructures.

Runecast Analyzer 4.3 adds new Enterprise Console to control large VMware & AWS environments

The new Runecast Analyzer 4.3 is designed for the larger enterprises struggling to keep their VMware and AWS environments coordinated across geographically dispersed and diverse setups.

Numbers Never Lie – by vExpert Al Rasheed

I’m not a mathematician and quite frankly, I’ve always struggled with math in general. Throughout high school and college, I had a genuine dislike for the subject. I’ll take science, history, geography and anything else over math. However, this blog post will include some numbers and statistics as we move forward and these are areas so many of us are unfortunately are too familiar with.

Runecast Analyzer 4.2 brings new SAP HANA & NIST capabilities for VMware users

With the addition of VMware SAP HANA Best Practices to the Runecast Analyzer 4.2, System Admins can now assure optimal environment setting for their VMware infrastructure hosting SAP HANA.

Our COVID-19 Response: FREE Analytics for VMware Horizon users & Healthcare institutions

Take care of your teams and don’t wait for budget approval – Runecast is offering free data center analytics until 15 September.

10 Best Perks of Working in Small Companies

Anyone who’s worked for a big company knows that the benefits of having a ‘flagship’ enterprise on one’s resume/CV can be too frequently overshadowed by the drawbacks of feeling anonymous – and also powerless – within the organization.

Top 10 issues VMware Admins face (but don’t need to alone)

We get asked a lot about how Runecast Analyzer deals with the most common issues faced by VMware admins. We decided to make a list of those and answer those questions publicly.

Find Runecast Analyzer on Latin American ComparaSoftware

New year, new goals, new relationships – in Spanish! We were glad when ComparaSoftware's team contacted our company in order to verify our solution and thus enable Runecast greater visibility in the Latin American region. ComparaSoftware is a major platform for researching and comparing software in the mostly Spanish-speaking region.

Runecast Behind-the-Scenes: Meet Nikolai Bader

Legend has it that young Nikolai watched this German-language documentary about Brno, Czech Republic, and decided that his destiny lay not in Prague but a couple hours further southeast, in the heart of the old ‘Great Moravia’ Empire, where great new discoveries were occurring.

Automate Compliance Checks for CIS Benchmarks in VMware SDDCs

Yes, organizations and admins can manually check for CIS Security Benchmarks with lots of DIY effort. But why? It’s difficult, extremely time consuming, and potentially inaccurate for admins to personally control that their infrastructure is compliant.

To Cloud or Not to Cloud…

I had a laugh recently while having a discussion with an Uber driver. “Are you in town for the Amazon thing”, she asked. “Yes, actually I am” I replied. She shook her head and said, “Lots of people in town for that, what’s it all about?”. Not knowing if she really wanted to know, or was just making small talk, I briefly described that it was the Amazon Web Services convention.

How to be DISA STIG-compliant with Runecast Analyzer

The number of STIG policies is large and still continues to grow. Each STIG contains thousands of checks. Their complexity and description vary a lot, which makes compliance reporting a very difficult task.

Runecast Partner Network Honors 2019 Partner Award Winners

We want to recognize our Partners for helping their (and our) clients grow in 2019. The Runecast Partner Network expanded last year into various new geographies, and all outstanding results and innovations with the use of Runecast solutions deserve a big THANK YOU!

2019 year in review

2019 was the year of adding depth to Runecast, giving admins more of the tools and insights needed to keep their growing networks up and running – whether this was an enterprise-centric VMware network or a hybrid cloud with AWS. Depth is the best term to describe this – not complexity – as the Runecast team worked hard to keep the same simple and clear approach that our customers appreciate.

Product Reviews and other Media Coverage

Press coverage, media coverage, news coverage… whatever you want to call it, we at Runecast are always happy to see it, as well as in-depth product reviews by those who know best all the daily data center operational pain points that Runecast aims to eliminate. We’re also proud to have gotten SO MANY great product reviews and other mentions in 2019, our best year so far in the company’s five-year history, in terms of growth.

Runecast Celebrates 5 Years of Helping Data Center Admins

They say that time flies when you’re having fun, and we’re having so much fun that our five-year anniversary in Q4 2019 was less about partying and more about innovating! Five years ago, a group of ex-IBM employees had a vision to build something great, to solve real data center needs in an automated, proactive way. Here’s a brief timeline of what we’ve done since.

Runecast 4.0 provides new AWS insights & capabilities

Runecast made its name by providing the most benefits and enhanced ROI for VMware-based environments. Now, to support companies on their path to hybrid cloud migration, we’re adding Amazon Web Services (AWS) analysis for helping IT teams to address issues that can arise. In terms of security, Runecast operates fully on premises, with no data shared outside the environment.

Horizon 2020 Awards Runecast €1.9M for Expanding Innovations

Runecast Solutions, a leading provider of patent-pending predictive analytics for VMware environments, announces that it has won a Horizon 2020 EU grant to further expand the capabilities of its automated AI-driven management and remediation solution, Runecast Analyzer.

New ‘ZombieLoad’ Attacks Intel’s Newest Cascade Lake Chips

SECURITY NOTICE: Security vulnerability MDS (Microarchitectural Data Sampling) was extended in November 2019 by the additional discovery of a new form of ZombieLoad called TAA (TSX Asynchronous Abort). After Spectre, Meltdown and Foreshadow vulnerabilities, the Zombieload strain is another critical weakness for modern processors.

BSI Compliance Beyond Germany — What You Need to Know

You may have even done a web search to learn what BSI is — whether it affects you, your team, or your organization — and learned that it’s an acronym for the German Federal Office for Information Security. And if you did any of that, you likely also saw references to ‘IT-Grundschutz’, meaning ‘IT baseline protection’.

IPv6 Disabled Causes ESXi 6.5 and ESXi 6.7 to Fail with PSOD

If you are running ESXi 6.5 with IPv6 disabled, you are at risk of a host failure with PSOD.