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Looking back at 2018

In 2018, we continued changing the way how IT teams think of troubleshooting and compliance - from a reactive break/fix stressful actions to a proactive stress-free activity. We added many new features to Runecast Analyzer, we met many of you on events all over the world and we expanded our customer and partner base.

Let’s contribute to Runecast Analyzer’s next big feature!

With Runecast Analyzer we redefined the current approach of troubleshooting and reactive response to issues and outages in virtual environments. To provide deeper insights into your current vSphere state and help you stay a step ahead of any potential issues, we are implementing automatic compliance check against the VMware Hardware Compatibility List (HCL).

New Horizons: Runecast Analyzer v2.5

We are truly excited to bring you the latest version of Runecast Analyzer (v2.5). This major release brings game-changing support for VMware Horizon.

Runecast Analyzer VMware Horizon Beta Ready for Testing

Runecast is excited to share the public beta version of the Analyzer software with support for VMware's Horizon.

VMworld Europe 2018

Once again, Team Runecast were there in full force for VMworld Europe 2018!

vForum Tokyo 2018 Recap

vForum Tokyo 2018 – Runecast participating for a second year in a row! Thank you Fujisoft and FutureBusiness for the invitation! Here is my recap.

Runecast Analyzer v2.1 with HIPAA security and simplified reporting

It hasn't been so long ago that we released version "two" of Runecast Analyzer and here we are, again, with its latest version of 2.1. It is no coincidence the 2.1 update comes just prior VMworld 2018 Barcelona show. VMworld motto for this show is: "Possible begins with You" and Runecast wants to contribute to that by introducing additional functionalities to Runecast Analyzer.

Meet Runecast Team at VMworld 2018 EU!

VMworld 2018 EU is approaching fast. This year it will take place in Barcelona, November 6-8. We are very excited to be back to Spain and meet everyone who did't make it to Las Vegas. Come meet us at booth E118, right next to the VMware pavilion.

How to migrate settings from version 1.8.2.x to 2.0.x.

The following method describes how to migrate configuration settings from Runecast Analyzer 1.8.2.x to Runecast Analyzer 2.0.x.

2.0 design: Behind the scenes

Take a closer look at behind the scenes of Runecast Analyzer 2.0 development and design.

Runecast Analyzer 2.0: Major under-the-hood improvements

Historical data, PCI DSS, New UI, improved security, scalability and reliability of Runecast Analyzer. To make this happen and to pave the way for some of the future features, we incorporated the latest and greatest components for the Runecast Analyzer appliance.

Introducing Runecast Analyzer 2.0

We are excited to share that Runecast Analyzer is generally available in version 2.0. This latest version greatly increases the visibility over VMware environments so system administrators can more easily ensure their systems are operating at optimum performance all the time in order to deliver on their business requirements.

How to Fix L1 Terminal Fault (L1TF) in VMware vSphere Environments

Further vulnerabilities similar to Spectre and Meltdown have just been identified that expose VMware vSphere environments to similar and significant security threats

Meet us at VMworld 2018 US!

VMworld 2018 US is just around the corner! It will take place in Las Vegas, August 26 - 30. This is our favourite place to meet you - our customers, partners, contributors and fans. We will have our traditional red carpet (literally) laid out for you. Come meet us at booth 2835, right next to the IoT pavilion.

Attending VMworld Las Vegas: 5 Quick Tips to Maximize Your Experience

VMworld 2018 in Las Vegas is just around the corner. It is a huge event and you can experience it in many different ways. Take a look at these 5 tips that will help you maximize your experience as an attendee.

How to Troubleshoot VMware NSX

If you are reading this you have had or, worse, are having issues with your VMware NSX-V and are looking for solutions and troubleshooting best practices.

KB55845: hostd Crashing When VDS is Connected to 4 or More pNICs

The hostd process of your ESXi 5.5 or 6.0 hosts may start crashing repeatedly if you configure a VDS (virtual distributed switch) with 4 or more physical NICs. The problem is documented in VMware KB55845.

Using Small Magnetic Disks for vSAN Might Result in VM Failures

If you have small hard drives (smaller than 255 gb), and you use them for vSAN capacity drives, you might be affected by KB2080503.

End of General Support for NSX-v 6.2

NSX for vSphere 6.2 was released on 20th of August 2015. It follows the Application Platform lifecycle policy which ensures 3 years of General Support and additional 1 year Technical Guidance. Based on the Product Lifecycle Matrix that means that General Support will end on August 20, 2018 and Technical Guidance will end on August 20, 2019.

KB2151749 - ESXi Host Fails With PSOD After Upgrading to 6.5

Sometimes the upgrades pose problems...

How to be DISA STIG-compliant with Runecast Analyzer

The number of STIG policies is large and still continues to grow. Each STIG contains thousands of checks. Their complexity and description vary a lot, which makes compliance reporting a very difficult task.

Runecast Analyzer v1.8 General Announcement

Runecast Solutions is thrilled to announce the General Availability of Runecast Analyzer v1.8. This major update brings support for VMware’s NSX-V product. We had significant feedback from our user base who wanted to see NSX vSphere (NSX-V) incorporated within the Analyzer.

Top 5 PSOD Causes

One of the most severe issues for VMware environments is the Purple Screen of Death (PSOD). When this happens your ESXi host “dies” and with it all the VMs and services running on it. Most VMware admins have experienced it at least once and know that the troubleshooting process will almost certainly land on you and will be resolved through finding the relevant VMware Knowledge Base(KB) article. 

IPv6 Disabled Causes ESXi 6.5 and ESXi 6.7 to Fail with PSOD

If you are running ESXi 6.5 with IPv6 disabled, you are at risk of a host failure with PSOD.