VMware compliance analysis software

Runecast Analyzer scans your specific configuration and provides Best Practices fit gap analysis report and Security Hardening checks. VMware and the virtualization community maintain a set of industry Best Practices that can help you get the most out of your vSphere infrastructure in terms of Availability, Performance, Manageability, Security and Recoverability. The Best Practices are selected and interpreted by our team of virtualization experts (VCDX, VCAP, VCI, vExperts).


Runecast Security Compliance TrackerVMware releases vSphere Security Hardening guide with every vSphere version, which provides an exhaustive list of security guidelines that can help you secure your vSphere environment.


Runecast uses the vSphere Security Hardening guides to automatically provide a continuous security report. This will help you ensure successful security audits (HIPAA, PCI DSS, STIG, GDPR).


Any Best Practice or Security Hardening check that doesn’t apply to your environment can be excluded from reports by using detailed Filters. This way you can customize the list of compliance checks, based on your specific company policy.


With Best Practices and Security Hardening checks, you can:

  • Pass security audits easily and guarantee data center compliance
  • Eliminate the manual work in performing security hardening rules by VMware vSphere compliance checker
  • Enforce industry Best Practices to ensure optimal operation of your vSphere environment
  • Get a quick fit/gap Best Practices report on legacy environments
  • Establish vSphere compliance checker automation
  • Filter out the list of compliance checks based on your company policy
  • Schedule automated checks and get notified in case of incompliance
  • At a glance VMware compliance management


Runecast scans even the vSphere logs. Read more about Log analysis.


Runecast Analyzer also helps mitigate various security vulnerabilities, such as Spectre or Meltdown. These are not covered in any security standard and can happen again any time in the future. It is critical to quickly discover affected virtualized infrastructure and patch it.

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