Monitor Configuration Drift with Configuration Vault

Runecast Analyzer’s Configuration Vault gives you all of that point-in-time data that Runecast Analyzer gathers, with all of the rich filtering capabilities that you know and love, and enables you to compare configurations over time.

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Problem: Nowadays, unchecked configuration drift leads to ‘bill shock’ or worse

One of the less addressed challenges when managing IT environments is visibility into exactly how your environment is configured at any given time – and being able to determine when and where any changes have occurred.

  • No baseline to compare current configuration against.
  • Ensuring consistency within a vSphere cluster, as well as other ecosystems.
  • Making sure that all of your pods and containers have the relevant security context.
  • Even seasoned admins can forget to document changes made to an environment.
  • Increasingly complex environments take longer and longer to troubleshoot, and misconfigurations are often to blame.
  • Upgrade windows don’t always go to plan, are forgotten, or could not be upgraded for various reasons.
  • People get busy and just want to get the business back online no matter what.
  • The dreaded ‘bill shock’ of cloud services that have changed.

Solution: Configuration management, built into Runecast Analyzer

Runecast Analyzer maps out your configuration and enables you to compare changes between two points in time. Choose a historical reference point and compare to your current configuration, to see when and where changes occurred.

  • Detects and tracks configuration changes over time and shows the data in color-coded, before-and-after format.
  • Saves the most recent configuration snapshot of the environment with each scan.
  • Scans all this data against 1000s of rules within seconds, saving you weeks of work.
  • Find the product you want to look into, within that find the object you want as your baseline… see all the differences highlighted in red.
  • Currently there is coverage for most parts of VMware vSphere, VMware Horizon, AWS, Kubernetes, NSX, vCD and of course Azure, so you can even track changes whatever your cloud of choice is.
  • For more, check out our Configuration Vault Deep Dive.
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"Our main goal is to serve our customers with a high-end, feature-rich and robust electronic banking environment. With Runecast we can now proactively prevent outages on the systems that provide that environment."
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