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Runecast Analyzer automates analysis of your environment to align with close to 30K VMware Knowledge Base (KB) articles – all to help you deliver on your SLAs, by proactively preventing service disruptions and saving time previously spent troubleshooting.

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Problem: Traditional Break/Fix approach

Traditional reactive monitoring and break/fix approach impacts service availability.

  • You are only able to identify issues AFTER they turn into outages.
  • Valuable team resources waste time in long troubleshooting cycles while the service is interrupted.
  • Service downtime caused by seemingly undiagnosable problems, inability to meet SLAs.
  • Configuration drift, upgrades and hardware incompatibilities increase the risk of unexpected outages.
  • 90% of all VMware problems are caused by known risky configurations and could have been prevented.

Solution: Proactive risk mitigation

With thousands of documented issues in the vendors' Knowledge Bases, best practices guidelines and community forums, Runecast alerts you of outage risks before they happen and provides you with recommended steps to avoid them.

  • Runecast proactively detects Purple Screen Of Death and other hidden risks before they happen, which helps increase uptime and meet SLAs.
  • Continuous scans against the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) to prevent outage risks due to driver/firmware incompatibility.
  • Upgrade simulations save a massive amount of upgrade planning time and reduce the risk of problems.
  • Automates your vulnerability management and security compliance audits for AWS, Azure, Kubernetes and VMware.
  • Weekly updates through an AI-assisted parsing engine ensure you are protected from the latest known misconfigurations.
  • Easy to filter and sort issues, compare historical configuration, and remediate with simple actions.
  • Award-winning patented technology recognized in 2020 Gartner Cool Vendor report.
  • Watch how Runecast helps a leading UK Service Provider offer 100% availability.
  • Read how a major European eShop reduced VMware related incidents by 80%.
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"Our main goal is to serve our customers with a high-end, feature-rich and robust electronic banking environment. With Runecast we can now proactively prevent outages on the systems that provide that environment."
Rob van der Helm
Infrastructure Designer
de Volksbank

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