Proactively Remediate Issues in Your Environment

Runecast Analyzer discovers configuration issues – and you can easily remediate them, taking swift action against any risks within your environment. Our customers report time savings of 75-90% of what they previously spent troubleshooting.

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Problem: Reactive, limited options (e.g. waiting on support)

From reactive troubleshooting (and any associated downtime) to tools being limited to a single set that may require more training, the modern IT infrastructure requires proactive approaches that won’t give up control.

  • A list of problems is not enough, as teams need continual movement toward automation – while maintaining full control.
  • One-click remediation actions still ideally need a base level of supervision.
  • Evolving technologies result in natural skills gaps (e.g. vRO is an extra piece of infrastructure to be learned and managed).
  • Cost-cutting for ITOps teams often drives the need for support/guidance with remediation (leading to timely dependencies).

Solution: Remediation capability saves you time – without needing to give up control

Vulnerability management just got easier. A small purple R beside discovered issues in Runecast Analyzer means that you can use the remediation feature to fix it, enabling you to swiftly take action against any risks in your environment.

  • Choose between PowerCLI and Ansible, execute now or later, to easily remediate the issues that Runecast Analyzer discovers.
  • Utilize the existing default toolsets for the ecosystems (e.g. PowerCLI, Ansible for VMware, AWS Tools for PowerShell, AWS CLI for AWS) – for a full list, see our User Guide.
  • More remediation actions continue to be added over time, as part of your weekly knowledge updates.
  • Download the script or copy and paste it for your action, ensuring that you are the final validation point.
  • For more, check out our Remediation Deep Dive.
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"Our main goal is to serve our customers with a high-end, feature-rich and robust electronic banking environment. With Runecast we can now proactively prevent outages on the systems that provide that environment."
Rob van der Helm
Infrastructure Designer
de Volksbank

It plays well with your existing tools

vSphere Client
vRO plugin
Power CLI

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