Automated VMware Hardware Compatibility Checks

Runecast Analyzer automates the process of matching your hardware against the latest VMware Hardware Compatibility List (HCL). It can also simulate ESXi upgrades to help you with upgrade planning.

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Lost time due to manual checks against VMware HCL

And it only gets harder from there.

  • As your environment becomes more sophisticated, the number of individual pieces of hardware that need to be checked against the HCL rapidly increases.
  • Although VMware recommends checking the HCL on a monthly basis, it never actually happens because it’s just too time-consuming.

Automated Hardware Compatibility Checks by Runecast

Runecast Analyzer now shows you the compatibility of your hardware against the VMware HCL. It runs a rapid, automated analysis using the latest HCL for your servers and I/O devices.

  • Replace hours of work previously spent extracting the right data from your environment and matching it with the HCL, one by one.
  • Simulate future with ESXi Upgradability feature.
  • vSAN Checks in Production-ready HCL Analysis and Upgrade Simulation Feature increase visibility & transparency of how your environment is set up.
  • Get alerts when the maintenance status of any of your machines changes, so you have the heads up necessary to make adjustments at the right time.
  • All of this is done offline, removing any potential exposure.
  • Keep your systems continuously protected, high performing, and fully supported, which is VMware’s #1 best practice!

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"Runecast Analyzer VMware HCL Support provides you the easy access to the VMware HCL and compliance check against the compatibility matrices within a few clicks. It’s obvious that it comes with greater accuracy and it ensures your privacy, it also makes your life easier."

Aruna Lakmal
Associate Technical Lead | vExpert

"The new Hardware Compatibility check is a great feature that ensures all hardware meets VMware’s specifications for various versions of vSphere."

Brandon Lee
Senior Writer at | vExpert
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Prevent known issues by analyzing your environment against Vmware KB articles. Learn more >

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