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“Best 3rd party software for your vSphere environments,”

IT and Services admin

“…troubleshooting took too long because we had to call VMware support center in many cases. Runecast Analyzer changed all that”

Director of Network Operations

“It’s like having a VMware technician 24/7 auditing your VMware environment, it's absolutely great!!!”

Senior Systems Engineer

In the Spotlight

It’s official! You asked for it and you got it. New Runecast Analyzer 5.0 introduces proactive, actionable insights for Microsoft Azure.

Runecast - Gartner Cool Vendor

Gartner named Runecast a 2020 Cool Vendor in its May report. The report states, “I&O leaders should watch these emerging vendors, which offer new approaches to deliver technology performance insights."

Runecast Analyzer - Kubernetes

The latest Runecast Analyzer version 5.1 is introducing two new features: Remediation and Configuration Vault. Read more!

Full Operational Transparency

Troubleshooting usually means reactively putting out fires. With automated, proactive monitoring you see potential fires before they erupt.

You’re only human, so you need a platform that audits your on-premises virtualization stack (vSphere, vSAN, NSX and Horizon), your public cloud resources running in AWS or Azure, your Kubernetes clusters, and your VMware Cloud on AWS. Vulnerability Management is easy, with VMSAs/CVEs shown on the main dashboard. Beyond this, there’s best practices analysis for both SAP HANA and Pure Storage on vSphere, plus vSphere on Nutanix.

Runecast Analyzer validates against VMware Knowledge Base (KB) articles, vendor Best Practices, security hardening guidelines, security compliance standards/benchmarks, and other ‘sources of truth’. Vulnerability Management is easy, with VMSAs/CVEs shown on the main dashboard. The HCL validation feature shows you any gaps in hardware, BIOS, drivers and firmware. If you’re planning an upgrade, you can also check your current environment against an upstream version of ESXi, showing you where you might need to upgrade firmware, BIOS, and even replace physical hardware. See the state of your whole environment with a simple scan.

Runecast Analyzer - Issue Prevention

Security Compliance & Risk Mitigation

To get and stay ‘audit-ready’, all the time, with complex and continuously updated security compliance standards, you need proactive, automatic compliance checks.

Made by Admins, specifically for the most security-conscious Admins, Runecast Analyzer is your tool for automated alignment with VMware security best practices (from the VMware Security Configuration Guide – previously VMware Hardening Guide) and common standards like CIS Benchmarks, NIST 800-53, PCI DSS, HIPAA, DISA STIG 6, GDPR, and BSI IT-Grundschutz, with additional standards added regularly to Runecast’s capabilities. All of this happens securely without any data leaving your control (even offline),– ideal for government, healthcare, and banking/financial verticals.

  • Automated checks for compliance with VMware, AWS and Kubernetes security configuration guidelines and leading security standards (CIS, NIST, PCI DSS, DISA STIG, HIPAA, BSI IT-Grundschutz, GDPR, ISO27001 etc.)
  • Secure, without any data leaving your control, solution works offline
  • Remediation steps included, with no need to involve an offsite 3rd party and the time it takes for them to respond
  • Automated remediation with the Runecast vRO plug-in
Runecast Analyzer - Security Compliance

Operational Agility with Best Practices Alignment

Best Practices are called such for a reason, and downtime incidents occur regularly by not following them.

Runecast Analyzer automates the auditing of VMware best practices alignment for vSphere, vSAN, NSX and Horizon. Outside of the VMware stack, there’s also best practices analysis for SAP HANA on vSphere, Pure Storage on vSphere and also AWS, Azure & Kubernetes – all from a single dashboard. Our customers tell us regularly that there is no better way to get and maintain smooth control of their hybrid clouds.

  • Best Practices alignment for AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, VMware, as well as SAP HANA (on vSphere), Pure Storage (on vSphere) and vSphere on Nutanix
  • Time saved with issue prevention and improved availability
Runecast Analyzer - Best Practices

Freed-up Team Resources & Reduced Costs

The raging torrent of logs generated by vSphere means that trying to track down the causes of issues is tricky if you're manually parsing. You need a way to find the signal through the noise.

By reducing repetitive manual tasks of your team members, your team can manage more infrastructure per head, reducing what many (unfortunately) consider to be ‘standard’ data center costs. Runecast Analyzer’s automated issue recognition goes beyond ESXi monitoring software to scan your vSphere logs, revealing issues and steps to resolve them. It parses logs to provide real-time, actionable log insights and fit-gap analysis reports. This helps to reduce stress on operations teams, allowing them to reclaim their evenings and weekends.

  • Frees up the budget for proactive team innovations and business growth
  • Customer case studies show very short time to value and often immediate ROI
  • Like having a new highly qualified team member monitoring the environment 24/7/365
Runecast Analyzer - Log Inspector

Painless Upgrade Planning with vSphere HCL Upgrade Simulations

Checking the compatibility of ESXi servers and I/O devices is crucial to a successful upgrade.

Runecast Analyzer helps you to easily cross-check your entire estate of ESXi hosts for compatibility with the official VMware Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) via upgrade simulations – so you can plan your future vSphere upgrades and mitigate the risk of needing to troubleshoot after the fact. Just select the version you want to upgrade to and click ‘Simulate’, it’s that simple.

  • Simulated ESXi upgrades against HCL show incompatibilities ahead of time, across all connected vCenters
  • Reduced human error when upgrading
  • Also works to validate your existing install base against the HCL, removing risks of performance issues, outages and other support issues
Runecast Analyzer - HW Compatibility

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