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New Runecast Analyzer 4.7 offers NSX-T insights. Get Proactive Best Practice & Security Analysis for VMware, AWS & Kubernetes.

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Rated 5 stars on Gartner's Capterra

“…troubleshooting took too long because we had to call VMware support center in many cases. Runecast Analyzer changed all that”

Director of Network Operations

“The tool we always wanted from VMware”

Senior Systems Engineer

“Best 3rd party software for your vSphere environments,”

IT and Services admin

“It’s like having a VMware technician 24/7 auditing your VMware environment, it's absolutely great!!!”

Senior Systems Engineer

In the Spotlight

BREAKING NEWS: Runecast Analyzer 4.6 introduces automated compliance auditing for ISO/IEC 27001, plus adds DISA STIG Viewer export, as well as an update of the VMware Security Configuration Guide (SCG) for vSphere 7.

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Gartner named Runecast a 2020 Cool Vendor in its May report. The report states, “I&O leaders should watch these emerging vendors, which offer new approaches to deliver technology performance insights."

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The latest addition to Runecast Analyzer version 4.5 extends our current VMware and AWS best practices and security checks to a new area: Kubernetes (K8s) infrastructure.

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Full Operational Transparency

Troubleshooting usually means reactively putting out fires.
With automated, proactive monitoring you see potential
fires before they erupt.

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Security Compliance & Risk Mitigation

To get and stay ‘audit-ready’, all the time, with complex and continuously updated security compliance standards, you need proactive, automatic compliance checks.  

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Operational Agility with Best Practices Alignment

Best Practices are called such for a reason, and downtime
incidents occur regularly by not following them.

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Freed-up Team Resources & Reduced Costs

The raging torrent of logs generated by vSphere means that trying to track down the causes of issues is tricky if you're manually parsing.
You need a way to find the signal through the noise.

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Painless Upgrade Planning with vSphere HCL Upgrade Simulations

Checking the compatibility of ESXi servers and I/O devices is crucial
to a successful upgrade.

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Real-time, continuous VMware + AWS hybrid cloud intelligence

Manually troubleshooting VMware + AWS hybrid cloud error codes makes no sense – there’s a much simpler way.

Scan your entire VMware vSphere, vSAN, Horizon, NSX + AWS IAM/EC2/VPC/S3 stack in minutes.

Run ESXi and vSAN upgrade simulations to check compatibility against the VMware Hardware Compatibility List (HCL).

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“It found issues I never knew I had. I also was able to quickly see the results of the logs without having to upload a file to VMware and wait for a tech to get back to me.”

"Audit-ready” all the time

Data center security compliance is a continuous, time-consuming challenge. Runecast Analyzer automates security auditing of your environment toward industry standards: VMware Security Hardening Guide, PCI DSS, DISA STIG, HIPAA, BSI, CIS, and as well some standards for AWS.

Runecast gives you confidence to say e.g. “We have DISA STIG compliance” when you need to pass an audit.

Success story
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“As a bank, it is imperative that our IT operations ensure maximum reliability and security for our clients. Our IT team simply needs automated proactive monitoring and auditing tools. Runecast Analyzer helps us detect mis-configuration and security vulnerabilities before they lead to critical issues. This not only saves dozens of man-hours a month but also provides a reliable prevention mechanism. Our data center’s security and uptime are now greater than ever.”

Proactive, automated issue recognition with resolution steps

Our customers report up to 80% savings on VMware performance remediation time by taking advantage of Runecast Analyzer’s real-time analytics.

You will see the resolution of the issue the second it happens. Runecast Analyzer scans in real time for specific patterns in e.g. vCenter logs, ESXi logs, and AWS logs.

As soon as log entries indicate an issue, Runecast Analyzer knows what it is and the steps needed to resolve it.

Success story
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“It would be impossible for us to identify all these issues so quickly without Runecast. I find the Runecast Analyzer dashboard much clearer and easier to use than VMware LogInsight.”

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