Collect, analyze and navigate through your VMware logs to get insights

ESXi logs contain a lot of important information related to the state of your vSphere environment. yet it is nearly impossible to make sense of the huge amount of logs that are generated every day.


Runecast Analyzer does it in real time

Unlike other monitoring solutions, Runecast Analyzer monitors your logs for specific patterns described in the VMware Knowledge Base articles in real time. Once an issue is detected, you are presented with the issue AND the resolution steps so you can plan for and address without delays.


Runecast as a VMware vSphere syslog collector

Runecast Analyzer acts as a syslog server collector, analyzing and parsing the logs from your ESXi hosts and virtual machines (log entries that are usually stored only in the vmware.log file of each VM folder). As soon as the issue is detected, you will be presented with clear steps to resolution.


Built-in vCenter log insight analysis

On top of that, Runecast Analyzer filters entries based on important predicates, such as FailedTo, SCSI_command, NMP, Unableto, Error, and shell. They are all tracked over time and provide you with quick insights into the state of your environment. For example, you can quickly see all ESXi shell activity during a selected period of time and narrow down that elusive root cause.


VMware log viewer summary page



How Runecast Analyzer reduces time spent on troubleshooting

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