Avoid & resolve the PSOD in ESXi VMware with Runecast

How to check VMware ESXI Purple Screen Of Death (PSOD)? Use Runecast Analyzer to check if any of your hosts are affected by conditions that can cause the VMware purple screen of death. Runecast uses the extensive VMware knowledge base to scan for known software and firmware incompatibility issues causing purple screen error. Sometimes there is even an update from VMware which may cause that error like we saw for ESXi 6.0 Update 2.

What is purple screen of death (PSOD)?

A Purple Screen of Death (PSOD) is a diagnostic screen with white type on a purple background that is displayed when the VMkernel of an ESX/ESXi host experiences a critical error, becomes inoperative and terminates any virtual machines that are running. This purple error screen can happen during ESXi boot or operational runtime.



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