Cybersecurity Awareness Training: How to Keep Your Organization Safe

This guide by Luciano Patrão covers the essentials to develop and deliver practical training to your employees.

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Who Will Benefit Most From This eBook

IT Professionals

This group is at the forefront of implementing and managing an organization’s technical infrastructure. The e-book provides them with insights into the human aspect of cybersecurity, emphasizing the importance of security awareness training in complementing technical defenses.

Security Analysts

These individuals monitor and respond to security incidents. The e-book provides a deeper insight into how human behavior can impact security vulnerabilities and the ways in which effective training can mitigate risks.

Cybersecurity Researchers

Those involved in studying and developing new cybersecurity methodologies will benefit from the book’s exploration of the latest trends in security awareness training. It provides a comprehensive overview of current best practices and future directions.

Students of Cybersecurity

As the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, students will find the e-book valuable. It offers practical insights and real-world examples that complement academic studies, preparing them for challenges in the professional world.

About the Author

Luciano Patrão is a Portuguese professional who has established himself in Germany.

With extensive experience in the field, he currently serves as a Senior Consultant and Solution Architect at ITQ, offering top-tier VMware infrastructure solutions and working as a PSO Consultant for VMware.

Luciano has previously held notable positions as a Technical Project Manager and Technical Lead in various consulting companies as a freelancer.

Throughout his career, he has provided exceptional guidance and solutions to teams and clients in the areas of VMware infrastructures, Backup, and Data Recovery.

Luciano is a VCAP-DCV Design 2023, VCP-Cloud 2023, VCP-DCV 2022, and VMware vSAN Specialist. He is also a vExpert vSAN, vExpert NSX, vExpert Cloud Provider for the last two years, vExpert Multi-Cloud 2023, vExpert for the last 8 years, and Veeam Vanguard for the last 6 years.

Keep Your Organization Safe

21 chapters, 70 pages.

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