How can your customers upgrade VMware vSphere? Seamlessly.

The number one cause of pain during a VMware vSphere upgrade is misconfiguration. Here’s how we address that.

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One ultimate solution for your client's vSphere upgrade

When you and your customers plan for a vSphere upgrade, it’s usually a well-defined project with a secured budget and a specific timeline. There is a known set of actions to be completed by your customers. Be a hero. Save them time and reduce risk in their vSphere upgrade projects.

Runecast Analyzer fits into these projects with clearly added valu: a) operational checks during the upgrade and b) final ‘green light’ approval when the upgrade is ‘complete’. Additionally, hardware compatibility upgrade checks offer the primary time-savings functionality for vSphere upgrade planning.

Runecast is your secret weapon in vSphere upgrade projects

As always, Runecast Analyzer is here to help in planning and executing your client's upgrade. Its Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) upgrade simulator:

  • Proactively discovers incompatible hardware components or incompatible combinations of driver, firmware, BIOS, etc.
  • Recommends compatible combinations, so you can upgrade your hardware before software, if needed
  • Identifies any issues in your hardware stack, including your server platform and I/O devices

Save weeks of manually digging through the Hardware Compatibility List and comparing the infrastructure.

You can use the automated Knowledge Base (KB) articles analysis to eliminate any hidden risks associated with the upgraded version.

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Automate compliance checks beyond upgrade functionality

  • Configuration Drift management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Security compliance automation
  • Log pattern analysis
  • AI-assisted proactive issue discovery and remediation

Get full support for your customers
with this vSphere Upgrade Guide

Save them time and reduce risk in their upgrade projects.
Runecast is your opportunity to open doors for customer dialogue.

What our clients think

"Runecast frees up time to proactively look for configuration and security issues. Given the cost and value that Runecast Analyzer offered, it made no sense to even spend time trialling alternatives.”
Dan Monaghan
Cyber Security Officer
Aberystwyth University
"Runecast Analyzer was a no-brainer, we instantly saw that it would save us a whole lot of time , and for us time is money."
Luke Mulcahy
Solution Architect / Director
"Runecast saves us from issues before they happen, the value of which cannot be overstated. In addition, Runecast’s real time data saves us weeks and months that were previously spent on dealing with VMware support.”
Michal Kopecny
IT Administrator

Proactive, automated configuration analysis prevents outages, mitigates vulnerabilities and improves efficiency. Customers report 75-90% less time spent on troubleshooting and upgrade planning (the latter via HCL upgrade simulations).

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