Take the Runecast Challenge

If Runecast doesn’t discover a minimum of 10 issues previously unknown to your team, have the license for your current set-up on us for 12 months*

The Runecast Challenge was born from customer feedback

As we are used to hearing success stories from our customers, we decided to make it a challenge for all potential customers.
What we do for Skyguide, enabler of safe air travel across the Alps, and the German Aerospace Center (DLR).
How we help Swedbank, de Volksbank, NEAR EAST BANK, and others in the FIN sector.
How we help DHU Health Care provide stable and secure NHS 111 emergency call services.
We are so confident that Runecast will reveal issues that your IT and/or security team does not know about, that we are offering the above guarantee.
Configuration issues by layer and issues by severity widgets from the Runecast dashboard

The Runecast advantage in numbers

Savings in upgrade compatibility tracing effort
Time savings over previously troubleshooting issues reactively
Near East Bank
Reduction of outages
and issues
NCC Media
Delivery of uptime to their cloud customers

Our CEO says it well

Photo of Stanimir Markov - CEO of Runecast
"Our focus behind Runecast has always been to increase the availability, security, and performance of critical systems. We developed a way to do that by aggregating relevant human-readable knowledge, analyzing it via our own AI, and providing automated and proactive remediation guidelines, best practices, and security compliance directly to IT administrators – in real-time."
Stan Markov
CEO and Co-Founder of Runecast
VCDX #74

*Runecast Challenge Terms & Conditions

We’re confident enough not to include this, but our Legal team requires it:

  1. Minimum of 10 previously unknown issues applies to organizations running a VMware production environment with at least 100 CPU sockets connected and analyzed without filters. Runecast will count potential risks from VMware KB articles, vulnerabilities, relevant best practices, hardware incompatibilities and security compliance standards and will take into account the number of affected objects.
  1. To verify that the discovered potential risks were previously unknown, the Potential Customer must participate in the Runecast PoC process and work with a Runecast Sales Engineer (SE) to verify conditions before and after the first Runecast scan.
  1. This offer is for new Potential Customers- only potentially new Runecast customers for VMware are eligible to participate in the Runecast Challenge. Current Runecast for VMware Customers or Potential Customers who previously did a PoC are not eligible for participation.
  1. If above conditions are met and Runecast fails to discover at least 10 previously unknown issues or potential risks to the Potential Customer, then a 12-month license will be provided at no cost to the Potential Customer on the Customer's current setup.

Organizations future-proofed with Runecast

Our customers report time savings of 75-90%, security compliance audit readiness, and greatly increased uptime.
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