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Prevent known issues by analyzing your environment against VMware KB articles.
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Web search is the most common way to troubleshoot VMware issues

Pasting the error code or issue symptom into a search bar usually leads to an existing KB article with the workaround or resolution.

IT vendors are doing a great job at documenting all the issues so 90% of the issues you encounter are known.

The VMware Knowledge Base (kb.vmware.com) and VMware Best Practices are the most trusted, complete and up-to-date public sources of known issues and best practices related to VMware products. This valuable information is typically used reactively after the problem already happened.

Up to 90% of the issues affecting virtualized environments are already known issues for which there is already a KB article describing Symptoms, Cause and Resolution. Most of these issues can be prevented by reversing the approach to working with the VMware KB articles in a proactive way.


Proactive automation engine

With 30 000+ documented issues, configuration management can no longer be done manually.

Scan your configuration with Runecast Analyzer and get instant results of potential risk and ways how to mitigate.

Runecast Analyzer uses information from current VMware Knowledge Base articles to proactively scan your vSphere infrastructure and discover potential issues that would cause serious problems. It collects the vSphere configuration and logs and finds combinations of conditions or log patterns that lead to issues described in a Knowledge Base articles.

Since the VMware KB is updated continuously, so is the Runecast Central Repository. You can configure your Runecast Analyzer appliance to download the KB updates that are normally released on weekly basis. You can download them online or apply the offline update – in case of lack of Internet connectivity.

Deep dive into your VMware SDDC

Stop reading KB articles

Let KB articles read your environment.

Runecast Analyzer knows about every possible configuration pattern that might lead to an issue.
Powered by A.I. and a team of VMware veterans.

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With Runecast Analyzer you can:

  • Avoid service outages by mitigating potential issues proactively
  • Keep up to date with newly discovered issues considering the specifics of your environment
  • Detect potential issues after changes in your environment
  • Perform both configuration and log analysis
  • Explore the exact findings discover how to solve the potential issues
  • Schedule automated scans
  • Get alerted on newly detected issues

To help with issue identification and remediation, the reported configuration issues (be it KB, Best Practice or Security Hardening violation) will pinpoint in the Findings the exact configuration element that causes the issue to be reported.

Runecast will also provide you with reports based on Best Practices and vSphere Security Hardening Guides. Read more on Compliance Checks.

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HTML5/Flex vCenter Web Client plugin

vRO plugin

And there is more than that

  • Automatic and scheduled scans
  • Weekly definitions updates
  • Alerts
  • Log analysis
  • Best practice Guidelines
  • Support for multiple vCenters
  • PCI-DSS compliance tracking
  • Fast deployment via .ova file
  • Clever issue segmentation
  • Horizon analysis
  • A.I. assisted analysis
  • VMware Security Hardening Guidelines
  • DISA STIG compliance tracking
  • vSAN analysis
  • NSX analysis
  • Advanced filtering and rules

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