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Sometimes a simple tool is the most powerful one. If you are VMware admin who has to fix problems with no access to the internet, you probably know it is a pain to Google error code or keyword from your phone and hope you will find the right article with a solution soon. And of course, it is so slow and boring to do it repetitively.

We at Runecast believe it is worth to support virtualization community and make engineers and administrators life easier. Let's skip conversation with your manager about ROI, budget or severity and simply download our free Runecast Offline KB Android app which contains all major VMware KBs.

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What can you do with this app? Very simple but handy thing: search by KB ID, keyword or sentence and find patch or workaround for your vCenter issues. 

We are committed to updating the app with latest important VMware KBs and best practices to help you operate better data centers.


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