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Zuzana, known internally as ‘Zuzka’ (the Czech nickname), has her hands in nearly everything at Runecast – from communication campaigns and product launches to specialized customer interviews and prospect and customer onboarding UX.

Technically, she has been only part-time at Runecast as she completes her university studies, however there has rarely been a time when she was not available and still handling things even while she claims to be ‘away’. We typically only realize that she is out of office when she shares her new vacation photos of exotic locales – but somehow she always seems to be ‘connected’, even when she’s not.

Truly one of the most refreshing aspects of working with Zuzka is that she is fearless at ‘speaking truth to power’. In this regard, she is a great work colleague to have, as you can be sure that she is modeling the best-possible form of productive, straightforward communication toward a beneficial-for-all outcome. If we would ever be in dire need of a conflict resolution, Zuzka would be the ideal candidate to head those efforts. Her level-headed approach remains stable during even the most unprecedented situations (those ‘Great Unknowns’).

What do you love the most about your work?

That’s a tough one. Everything. I value most of all the inspiring people around, thanks to whom I can learn from daily. The company culture at Runecast is something pretty unique. It’s almost unbelievable that we’re people from over 21 countries, because it seems more like we’re all from one family.

What has been the biggest challenge for you at Runecast, that you have learned the most from?

I’d love to name only one, but I can’t. Since I joined Runecast, which if I’m not mistaken is around 3 years ago now, every day offered a smaller or bigger challenge. And that is a good thing. It keeps me motivated and driven toward the results. There is definitely a big learning from all that for me – adapting quickly to constant change is the only way to move forward.

Imagine.. you’re at a job interview where you have to describe your 3 strengths, what would you tell them?

Purposefulness, positivity and an ability to eat unlimited amounts of pasteis de nata :-)

How do you keep yourself organized?

I'm a to-do list person. It helps me to stay focused on important tasks, make sure I didn’t forget anything, and clear my head of thousands of thoughts about something I need to do. Beside the to-do’s I have also multiple calendars to manage all work, university, and personal-related tasks. It helps me a lot to block a time in my calendar for any kind of activity with a specific description of what I am supposed to do during that time. First, when it’s written I feel more committed to do the task. Second, I can imagine a timeline of the whole week and see that I usually don’t have a choice to postpone things, because there are other things coming. It may sound a little crazy, but I’m in my nature a lazy person, so I need to push myself a bit. :-)

What area in marketing is closest to your heart and which would you like to try more? 

The closest to me is the communication and understanding of consumer behaviors. Before I joined the university studies of economics, business and marketing, my intention was to study psychology. Understanding people’s needs and behaviors and a way how it can be influenced by visuals and words is why marketing is so interesting to me. One day, I’d really love to manage a big, impressive product launch for Runecast and help move customer experience to an entirely new level.

What are your other passions outside of marketing communications?

I started with crossfit a year and a half ago and found it perfect for brain health – because at the end of the day, the hardest thing of the day is the piece of iron on a barbell. Besides that, I love any kind of outdoor activities, from hiking in the mountains to skiing or rollerblading near the river in my hometown of Brno [the second-largest Czech city]. My biggest passion is definitely food, which combines excellently with my traveling passion – I usually choose a destination based on its local cuisine.

"At the end of the day, the hardest thing of the day is the piece of iron on a barbell."

In the photo below you can see me enjoying the traditional Czech festival called “Hody”. Moravian wine, singing, traditional costumes, dance festivities and music. All this can be found at these celebrations, which often last until the morning hours – and in some South Moravian villages can last for several days. 

Is there something that the pandemic situation has taught you? 

The pandemic has taught me how much I can save when I’m not going to restaurants. No, just kidding. :-D More seriously, I now appreciate time with my family and friends a lot more than I used to. What was an ordinary routine before the pandemic is now an extraordinary trip and a highlight of a week.

We all know that you love travelling, so what is your dream destination and why?

Every destination with tasty cuisine, no matter on which continent. I think that you can enjoy any country 100x more if you’re tasting local recipes during the trip. After the pandemic restrictions are over, on my bucket list is The West Highland Way in Scotland, Christmas in Helsinki, and some day a looong trip to Mexico or Kenya.

And the dreaded question… Where do you see yourself in five years?

I hope that I’ll be the same person with a positive state of mind and a little more marketing experience. :-) Also hopefully drinking coffee on a terrasse of a new house that we’re planning to build.

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