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Michaela (Míša/Misha) found her passion for Human Resources already when she was attending grammar school and took part in various related activities outside of school. She’s had the opportunity to learn about different aspects of working with people in a non-profit, in small and larger companies, as well as while pursuing her Master’s degree at Middlesex University in London. 

Míša likes to keep herself occupied by fun activities and projects. There is always something going on, usually a few big things happening in one week – like starting a new job and moving to a new flat at the same time. When she is not too busy, she likes to read or be creative with paint, building fun projects at a summer house, or renovating old furniture. 

She says that her (grown-up) dream was always to work in HR in a startup. What is so special about this particular area? Let’s find out.

Why is the HR job in a startup so intriguing to you?

Startups are places where one can create and innovate. Large companies mostly have very rigid ways of doing things, usually based on “this is how we have always done it” and innovation is not often encouraged or even welcomed. On the other hand, handling HR in a startup means that there is almost a white canvas to create and try things on. There is also so much more about HR than just preparing contracts and filling out who was out sick today, and I felt that a startup atmosphere is the best place to be.

What is the one thing that surprised you about working at Runecast?

I was truly and pleasantly surprised how much responsibility and autonomy I have been given from my very first day. There was and still is help always available when I need it, but my projects and tasks I have been working on were assigned to me and it was up to me what the outcome will be and how I will tackle it. For example, we agreed that it was time for us to start using a more elaborate HR tracking system – but everything from research, watching demos, negotiating, and making the final decision was up to me. Other times I was able to come up with ideas or suggestions and then execute them, which is something that I enjoy very much.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

How different it is every day! In the past two weeks, I have evaluated and analyzed results from our employee engagement survey that we ran for the first time, presented them to our co-founders to discuss what actions we should take, I have drafted an internal policy as well as created fun health and safety guidelines for our Brno office, and I have led several interviews and evaluated the candidates. My job is definitely exciting and my tasks vary from day to day, and I enjoy it very much.

If you could add one thing to the Runecast office, what would it be?

I feel like this is a trick question because as Runecast’s back office manager, it would be silly of me not to go through with this. But one thing I think would be really cool would be a terrace or a rooftop. I can easily imagine having our meetings outside in the sunshine, enjoying some time outside even if most of our work takes place on laptops. We could have our summer grill party there, too, or just chill out after a long day while having some fun. And would having a pool up there be pushing it too much?

What’s the best thing that has happened to you so far this week?

A candidate was rejected for a position after an interview and they have sent me a thank you note for the feedback I provided to them. It is not every day someone thanks you for something negative you have to say. I also have a feeling that both HR people and candidates often forget that there is a person behind the email that they received, not a robot, not the abstract ‘company’ itself. We are all only human.

What’s your go-to productivity trick?

I never really had any particular issues with productivity, but on the odd occasion when I am feeling unproductive, I will always write down a to-do list. It helps me to gain clarity and get me up and running and continue when I have finished crossing the items off my list. A mug of good tea also helps.

Would you rather live for 1000 years or live for only 30 years?

Definitely for a 1000 years. Living only for 30 years would mean I don’t really have much time left and I would have spent at least a third of this time learning how to take care of myself… On the other hand, 1000 years would give me enough time to read all the books I have on my wish list, study all areas that I am interested in, and spend time in all corners of the world to really understand how people live.

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