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Ionut is one of the Runecast founders. He works among us, and always seems to be deep in thought, pensive and generally quiet, though easily approachable. He is always willing to help when someone needs it, and he encourages ideas from everyone in the organization. He will wait and listen to others before offering his own observations and ideas.

This welcome approach could be due in part to Ionut's engineering mind. He seems to analyze everything from any and all possible angles. Of equal importance, he is able to communicate complex concepts in a way that all can easily understand. This last part may be due to him also being an understanding parent, which he very much enjoys.

If you're ever having beers with Ionut after work, his quiet demeanor tends to give way to a highly developed sense of humor. So he's the full package, this guy, and we're all glad to be part of the dream he helped to build.

We recently asked Ionut a few questions to get to know him better.

You come from the beautiful, richly historic country of Romania – how would you compare it with Czech Republic, and where do you see the biggest differences?

There are differences between the two countries, and this is understandable looking back at the history and origin of each country as well as the influences of neighboring states. It's visible in the architecture and culinary art, but also in the activities of daily living and the way they are performed. Of course, each country has its pros and cons. Dividing most of my last years between the Czech Republic and Romania, even if not in equal parts, I can only look at what each country has better to offer and thus say that they are both wonderful countries.

As one of the Runecast founders, you are also the primary Data Engineer at Runecast… what do you enjoy most and least about engineering?

The field of engineering is very dynamic and very vast. The technologies are constantly appearing, giving me the opportunity to focus on what suits me best, and thus the challenges are complemented by satisfaction. What am I least enjoying? When there are annoying repetitive tasks.

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve experienced thanks to Runecast?

The start-up vibe. Being one of the founders, the feeling of setting up a company from scratch and participating in the development of a product from the phase when it was just an idea on a sheet to the amazing tool that is used and appreciated everywhere today, is unique.

What do you enjoy the most about the vExpert community? 

The vExpert community is like a very large family. Even though its members come from different countries and speak different languages, in the end, there is something that unites us all – the passion and enthusiasm for virtualization. Of course, there are many virtual meetings, at least lately, but I fondly remember the various occasions (vExpert Party, vExpert Breakfast) in which I was able to meet face to face with these special people and have a great quality time. Of course, I hope, like everyone else, that these moments will return as soon as possible. 

You're a father of 3 children, what is the most important life lesson you want to teach them?

Ugh ... this is a tough question. I think it is true when it is said that we are learning as long as we live, so I am still learning. But, something they should learn from a young age is that everything in life is gained based on hard learning and work, and most of the time shortcuts are not the best option. Of course, as they are still young at the moment, playing and having fun is the most important task of the day.

What do you enjoy when you aren’t working?

To spend time with my family, to travel and visit new places. When the time allows, I enjoy playing different sports like football, basketball, ping-pong – and recently I added one more to the list... cycling.

Last question which everyone in Runecast is curious about – who is your secret supplier of super funny t-shirts?

The one and only... my wife. When it comes to funny t-shirts, she has a very big sense of humor to find the cutest ones for each situation and I have total confidence in her tastes.

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