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When we first met Daniel Jones, he was quiet and unassuming, yet deliberate and subtly intense. His background as both a writer and an IT support specialist seemed a perfect fit for a Technical Content Writer role, as it required someone who could convey complicated technology topics in simple terms. He introduced himself as British-French and seemed like he embodied the best aspects of both.

Fast forward a year later and Daniel has proven not only to be capable of communicating relevant and meaningful information to our community, he has also demonstrated a knack for improving processes and efficiency – both of which are essential when you may have a tight publishing schedule disrupted by a new zero-day threat (and the need to communicate to our customers that Runecast indeed protects against it).

Not only dependable, Daniel is a friend to all – someone who listens and is always ready with encouraging support for any sort of challenge.

Q&A with Daniel

How did you get started writing?

I remember writing stories and songs and poems from about 7 years old. My mum has an embarrassing tape somewhere of me singing a song I’d written acapella. A few years later I remember my English teacher congratulating me on a story I’d written and the memory of that joy, the delight of writing something someone enjoyed, has stayed with me ever since.

What advice would you give to someone starting writing?

Along with the often given (and still good) advice of read lots and in various genres, get feedback from trusted readers, work to a schedule and meet your deadlines, I would add in trying to write some poetry and short stories, or flash fiction. Learning to send a message, or convey an idea, in as few words as possible, or in a poetic way, is great training for writing and explaining in general. 

What motivates you to maintain your momentum with various projects?

I love the idea of writing something that someone has enjoyed. When I’m writing technical content I chase the feeling of having explained something fully and succinctly, and ask my editors and trusted readers if I’m making sense. I ask this question a lot.

When I’m not talking about writing, there are so many ideas, adventures and things to learn that keep me moving forwards. There is still so much to see and share and savour that I can’t stop now.

What’s your favorite part about working at Runecast?

I love working with people who are trying to improve things, being part of a talented team who are doing amazing things. Being part of a great team can power people through challenges and up to higher heights, and I’m fortunate to be in the best team in Runecast. There’s no contest.

If you were given a chance to play a favorite memory for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My favourite memories at the moment are related either to the sunshine, or my family. There was a moment shortly after the birth of my first child where I felt incredibly connected to everyone and everything, being overwhelmed by the miracle of life that we all share. Remembering moments like those fuel my compassion and joy, and my optimism.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I still love writing, inventing stories and songs and making terrible word play jokes. I’m very fortunate to live in the south of France, so going out to the seaside, going walking or cycling in the mountains is refreshing and easily accessible. Of course I don’t always get the chance, and sometimes I have to let the family do what they want, but luckily I enjoy doing most things with them.

What is your ideal day off work?

It would probably involve a few hours playing a grand piano, a bike ride and a dip in the sea, followed by a big family meal and a family board game or two. But the essential ingredients could be distilled down to family, creativity and some outdoors activities.

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