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Stephen is definitely a golfer and loves spending the day on a golf course. Despite him being a “social butterfly” he is also a family man.. It’s immediately clear, whenever Stephen talks about them, how much he loves his family, especially when he talks about how he recently married the love of his life. There are a number of things that impress us about Stephen. His ability to strike up a conversation with anyone, even random people he has never met before. But more than that, he has a deep compassion for others, in that he always wants to make sure everyone else is taken care of before himself and he’s always ready to lend a helping hand whenever possible.

Q&A with Stephen

Can you introduce yourself a bit? As you are new to Runecast people might not know much about you. 

My name is Stephen and I joined Runecast back in May of 2022 as an Enterprise Business Development Manager in the United States. As of September, I am married to my wife Becca and we live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with our dog Schmitt (a puppy will be joining us in December). I’m very close to my family, especially my twin brother and apparently I am a “big softie” when it comes to my nieces and nephews. I am definitely an extrovert and make plans with friends and family as much as possible, but I still love a nice relaxing weekend with zero plans every so often! 

Tell us more about your role in Runecast.

My role is a mix of direct selling to prospects, cross/up selling to existing customers and working closely with our channel partners in the US. As an Enterprise Business Development Manager (BDM), I work to identify and generate new opportunities, talk to prospects on a daily basis and establish and build relationships with both partners and customers. Enterprise BDM’s listen to prospects' challenges and develop sales strategies to close deals. 

We know that you are new to Runecast, how do you find working remotely and connecting with other members of your team while not being in the same place as them? How would you describe the organization's culture so far? 

I enjoy working remotely and am an advocate for it. I have a full office in my house with multiple monitors, so it makes it feel like I am still in an on-site office. I have been working remotely for a few years now. At first it was a challenge to strike a good work-life balance, but throughout the years I have been able to nail that down. Slack and video meetings are the top ways that I keep in touch with members of my team. From scheduled meetings to quick calls, our team makes themselves available when needed. 

“I’d describe Runecast’s culture as motivating and collaborative. Everyone seems to be very motivated to contribute, and to grow the company globally, and all teams come together and support whenever and wherever possible.” 

What is one skill that is a “must have” when it comes to working in sales?

Relationship Building. I say this because the goal of relationship building is simply to build trust with the prospect/customer. Trust is one of the biggest contributing factors in a purchase decision of a buyer and without building a relationship there will be no trust. I like relationship building as an answer here because it encompasses many skills, such as being a good listener. 

How do you like to spend your free time? 

Golfing. If I am not working or spending time with my wife, I am definitely on a golf course. I played golf in college and thankfully continue to be very much in love with the game. 

What is a feature of Runecast that you find easy to talk about?

Compliance Checks. Being able to talk about how Runecast automates companies security audits, provides a single pane of glass view to monitor and ensure continuous compliance. 

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Stephen.

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