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Runecast is excited to share the first public beta version of the Analyzer software, this time with support for VMware's NSX-V product.

VMware NSX-V is still emerging into wide-scale use and many of you asked us to support it in Runecast Analyzer. This beta is available for all Runecast customers and vExperts with a valid NFR license. 

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback on the proactive issue scanning in your NSX environment. Your feedback will help us fine-tune the product prior to its GA release. Of course, we are more than willing to assist you with any aspect of your beta testing.

NSX-V Beta1 Main Functionality:

  • Support for the proactive issue detection in VMware NSX-V (versions 6.2 - 6.4.1)
  • NSX-V Best Practice analysis and reporting
  • NSX-V VMware Security Hardening analysis and reporting
  • NSX-V DISA-STIG analysis and reporting
  • Partial NSX-V proactive configuration issue analysis
  • Automatic discovery of NSX Managers linked to vCenters

How Can I Get the NSX-V Beta?

If you are an existing Runecast Customer or a VMware vExpert, sign up to our beta program to get a 30-day license.

How Can I Scan My NSX-V Deployment?

First, deploy the beta as a separate appliance in your environment (2 cores, 4 GB RAM and 30 GB available hard dive space). Then navigate to Dashboard.

1. Click Add vCenter and enter credentials of the vCenter that has an associated NSX Manager.

2. Enter your NSX manager credentials and grant Read-only permission.

Screenshot of NXS connection


3. Make sure the relationship is correct, select the checkbox and click Finish.



4. Click Analyze Now to scan your NSX-V deployment.

If you have NSX-V version 6.2 installed, the Analyzer requests validation of the mapped NSX Manager to vCenter (usually, you do not need to do anything, but if you have previously associated the NSX Manager with another vCenter then this could cause misleading results). All NSX-V versions above version 6.2 have vCenter registrations checked automatically.

NSX Manager connections shown in the Settings section:

NSX Manager connections

You may notice that Runecast Analyzer is able to detect attached NSX managers even when these have not been added for monitoring (see the row on the picture above). To add the NSX Manager for proactive monitoring, click the relevant row and fill in the credentials.

Once the Analyzer completes the scan, you may browse the results via the main dashboard widget and its Network layer. In case it does not find anything, you are either very lucky or there is a problem with our beta(!) Either way, please contact us so we could validate the results.

Issue by Layer


On the Report page, click the new Product filter and select only NSX-V-related items to filter out other vSphere issues.

 Report page with the new Product filter


After expanding an issue, click Findings to see how NSX objects are displayed. We would appreciate your feedback on the current layout. 

NSX objects displayed in findings


To wrap up the NSX beta tour, visit the Inventory view and see the NSX-V tree structure with the number of detected issues.

 NSX-V tree structure with the number of detected issues


And last but not least, the DISA-STIG NSX profile:



Chances are that you are inquistive about the health and security of your NSX environment. Signing up for this beta will give you an opportunity to dig deep into health and security issues contained within your NSX-V deployment. Your feedback will help us modify Runecast Analyzer to meet your needs.


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Michal Hrncirik

Head of Product Management

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