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Runecast has released a new version of its proactive issue monitoring tool, version 1.7.1. This release brings "Knowledge Definition" updates (a slick mechanism enabling rapid updates for all new/updated vSphere and vSAN knowledge). Previously, users updated the virtual appliance with each new release (including knowledge definitions) meaning a slower release cycle for updates.

Starting with version 1.7.1 the Analyzer offers a new "zero-touch" online and "lightweight" offline process for knowledge definition updates. This brings simplicity to users and helps them stay protected and up-to-date with minimal effort. Runecast is now increasing the frequency of knowledge definition updates whilst minimizing any effort required to stay on top of the latest known issues and industry knowledge.

How does the new knowledge definition update work?

After installing version 1.7.1, go to the "Settings" and "Update" section. If you enabled an https: connection to the Runecast Update server ( you will see the screen shown below. This displays the main application version and the date of the last knowledge definition update. New knowledge definition updates will be downloaded and applied automatically.

Runecast Analyzer Settings

Where the Analyzer is being operated offline with no connectivity to the update server, you will see following options under the Update section (below).

Runecast Analyzer Update Center

You need to download the update file from your Customer portal ( and then simply upload this small file (typically 10Mb) using the "Choose File" button. The update will be performed quickly and easily, all within the application interface.

N.B. The update process for the entire appliance has not been changed and works as before. This type of the update (or upgrade) is required when Runecast Analyzer brings new product functionality or bug fixes. It should also be noted that if you are online, even the whole appliance update (upgrade) process can be setup to deliver zero-touch, automatic upgrades.

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