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Version of Runecast Analyzer was released on August 7, 2017 delivering bug fixes, KB definitions updates and four times more REST API endpoints. That number jumps from the initial 11 endpoints all the way to 44! Almost all aspects of the product are now covered, including its configuration. This allows for more complete integration, advanced queries for specific issues or objects, filtering, adding/removing vCenter Servers, managing licenses etc. You can test each of them via the swagger interface under Settings -> API Access Tokens -> Runecast API, but since you’re triggering requests against your setup, pay attention to the configuration calls as you can override your settings.

POST request to /api/v1/users/local/{username}/tokens is one of my new favorite endpoints. Having the opportunity to generate access token via REST API allows you to perform configuration of Runecast Analyzer without even logging in to the UI. An excellent example of that is performing unattended deployment and configuration. You can see this in action at TheVirtualist: Unattended Deployment and Configuration of OVA.

Below you can find a summary of the current set of endpoints:

Runecast REST API



Ivaylo Ivanov, VMware Engineer

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