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LONDON, UK – NOVEMBER 24 2021—Runecast Solutions Ltd., maker of Runecast Analyzer, a patented platform for proactive IT Operations Management (ITOM), security, and stability for on-prem and hybrid IT environments, is thrilled to announce that it has added Loop1, a leading global ITOM services organization to the Runecast Partner Network. 

Runecast first became aware of Loop1 through its commitment to helping clients achieve more insightful outcomes from their IT tools through the Loop1 Monitoring Maturity Model (L1M3 ‘LIME’), which is based on decades of experience in designing, implementing, and monitoring technology solutions across thousands of organizations worldwide. L1M3 provides a scorecard and roadmap to help clients plan, deploy and measure their digital transformation projects.

The partnership confirms the commitment of both organizations to assist IT and security teams globally with more advanced and resilient operational models—with an emphasis on cost savings, security compliance, and increased efficiency and transparency in increasingly complex IT environments.

Security and uptime require synergistic collaboration

With uptime being of ever-greater importance to business longevity, the ever-increasing complexity of legacy, upgrades, and migrations to cloud (and sometimes back again) requires a synergistic approach. As Glen Kershaw, Director of Sales, EMEA at Loop1, commented,Slow is the new down, and the need for proactive security compliance is only going to grow.

Runecast provided clear alignment with the Loop1 commitment to helping clients to measure and improve the value of their overall IT operations through the alignment of teams, tools, and processes—enabling valuable, actionable insights to drive business outcomes,stated Bill Fitzpatrick, Chairman & CEO of Loop1. “Runecast’s automated monitoring and remediation capabilities are a compelling addition to our service offerings.

The combined benefits of Runecast and SolarWinds

The Runecast hybrid-cloud capabilities for proactive configuration and vulnerability management, security compliance, and best practices alignment were clearly seen to complement the areas where Loop1 has already been successfully providing its customers with SolarWinds solutions.

Runecast provides automated configuration and security compliance checks for on-prem, hybrid or multi-cloud environments (e.g., AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, VMware, or VMware on AWS). This provides IT and security teams responsible for security compliance and uptime in those environments with a more proactive approach for ideal operational control.

We are looking forward to seeing the difference that Runecast makes for Loop1 clients,said Stan Markov, CEO of Runecast. “Clients already using Runecast have gone on record to report increased uptime and audit-readiness for security compliance and between 75-90% time savings for both troubleshooting and upgrade planning.

Runecast integrations such as its ServiceNow plugin are also a big advantage for automating the reporting of IT support tickets.

Driving Digital Transformation

Runecast and Loop1 are committed to working together to help their clients achieve their digital transformation goals by providing insights into best practices for insightful IT infrastructure observability and monitoring and security compliance analysis for AWS, Azure, Kubernetes & VMware.

To learn more about the combined value of Runecast and Loop1, view this recent CEO session from Stan Markov and Bill Fitzpatrick at Runecast’s UPTIME 2021 conference, watch here.

Contact Loop1 to discuss automated configuration and security compliance checks for your IT environment.

About Loop1

Loop1 is a leading global IT Operations Management (ITOM) company specializing in the SolarWinds ITOM product offering. We help our clients to ‘Know What’s Next’ through our unique ITOM maturity methodology L1M3 (Loop1 Monitoring Maturity Model ‘LIME’), which delivers a simplified roadmap and scorecard to enable organizations to measure and improve the value of their overall IT operations.

Headquartered in Austin, TX, United States, with offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and Sri Lanka, the group has more than 100 employees across 4 continents, clients in more than 60 countries, and 25+ SolarWinds SCP engineers, holding 130+ certifications. For more information, visit 

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