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The next event on our packed calendar is nearly here. VMware Explore, which used to be called VMworld, is bigger than ever. There will be over 600 sessions and an incredible amount of exhibitors in the newly rebranded space. There will be chances to meet new people, view all your favourite vendors, even try some hands-on labs and take VMware certifications. But top of your list, of course, is coming to visit Runecast at booth 1702. Right?

Throughout the event there will be some incredible things to explore, from seeing brand new technology in the VMware area, to meeting and networking with some of the visionary leaders and creators who continue to make this space so exciting. And when you swing by you’ll get to hear our latest announcement, an exciting new offering from Runecast.

Added to what you can see, what you can listen to and learn from is also bigger than ever. There are talks on so many topics and areas of the virtualization world. We’re excited to see some of the talks about Tanzu, VMware’s voyage into the containerisation space, as well as talks on security and vulnerability management, which is so key for us at Runecast. There’s even a whole track on Cloud Native Platforms, which we happen to know quite a bit about. If you have questions about DevOps, DevSecOps or Kubernetes Operations and security come and see us. One of our Engineers, Tomas, is delivering a talk on managing configuration drift in your hybrid cloud.

There are over 75 talks listed under just Kubernetes Operations, so if you’re not sure what to go and see just ask. Our team includes a number of K8s specialists who can point you in the right direction and explain both the advantages of containers in general, and the specifics of Runecast as a Cloud Native Application Protection Platform.

It’s not just the hardware and software that we’re interested in, there’s also talks about the soft skills, including one by Mary Poffenroth on Inclusive Innovation that promises to include Lego. And if you need some more mini figures to make sure you’re stocked up for Mary’s talk on innovation and problem solving, come and see us. We’ll have Lego figures, stickers and much more swag available, we even have a competition to win some Apple AirPods Pro and a Meta Quest 2 VR Headset!

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This is the biggest VMware event there is and we can’t wait to see you there. We’re excited to be able to meet together again, we know so many of you have supported Runecast already and we’re excited to show you how we keep providing cutting-edge solutions to your needs.

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