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The biggest fear every organization faces when adapting to the cloud is the security of their data and information. Not having control of your organizational data is indeed a scary fact. In the quest for progress, while facing this modern fear, organizations choose to switch to the hybrid cloud. In doing so the attack surface increases due to the fact that this complex environment needs more protection.  

Security and compliance have to be paramount in any modern environment. With potential attacks and intrusions originating from both external and internal threat actors, the ability to quickly and automatically identify existing or new vulnerabilities and changes in configurations is every System Administrators, Security, SecOps and DevSecOps team's highest priority.  

Compliance and Vulnerability management should not only rely on manual checks, a platform that continuously and automatically analyzes the environment ensures the highest possible effectiveness. 

Compliance, Security and Infrastructure teams are on the front line and require a solution which enables them to visualize security flaws within the environment, to facilitate quick remediation and to ensure the infrastructure is secure. 

Runecast provides immediate insights in your systems by analyzing your environment against security and compliance standards. It highlights misconfigurations and tracks configuration drift, allowing organizations to strengthen their security posture, and ensuring appropriate controls are in place from on-prem to the cloud. 

Continuous Compliance: Not a Myth

We all know that keeping up with ever-changing regulatory, regional and internal requirements can be a daunting, frustrating, and costly task, whether that is in the form of a highly skilled practitioner whose time is spent on repetitive manual tasks, or through post-audit fines. However, reducing the pre-audit firefighting, while improving overall security and compliance across the environment is an achievable goal.

All organizations deserve a platform that enables them to have automated security, vulnerability management and compliance checks, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Runecast removes gaps between Infrastructure, Security and Compliance teams and simplifies reporting, analyzing and remediation across the entire environment. 

Your Environment – Your Rules

Not only is it important to have easy access and enforce Security and Compliance standards, it is equally important for all organizations to have the ability to create their own. Runecast audits against BSI, CIS, Cyber Essentials, DISA STIG, Essential 8, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST, PCI DSS, and more. Using Runecast practitioners can create and augment profiles that can be built from thousands of checks to your requirements, enabling an organization to have rules specifically tailored for their internal company policy and have a greater insight.

Runecast for Everything

From AWS, Azure and GCP through Kubernetes, Windows and Linux to VMware environments, Runecast helps your teams follow continuous security and compliance practices all from one platform, deployable on-prem, in public or hybrid cloud and even in fully air gapped environments.

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