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As a VMworld attendee, you”ll experience a spectacular array of sessions to attend August 25 to 29 in San Francisco, as well as many networking opportunities, brand new technology solutions to try, and many other activities. There are tons of things to do in just a few days and you might be afraid of FOMO ('fear of missing out') syndrome. But no worries, we bring you five quick tips on how to get the most out of VMworld this year.


1.Plan your schedule in advance 

VMworld is about you and your professional learning experience. Planning your schedule before VMworld (or during the flight to San Francisco at the latest) is the key to not missing your favorite sessions and speakers.

Your event schedule will be tight on time from the start. One thing that could alleviate your FOMO is the fact that a lot of the events are recorded and you can access them after the event – keynotes and breakout sessions. Panel sessions are the best place to meet with many industry experts and leaders and have interesting after-session chats with them.

Runecast will have two sessions this year! 

Monday, August 26, Ivaylo Ivanov from Runecast will share how we leverage vRO for VM lifecycle management during our dev/test process.

Thursday, August 29, Vladimir Velikov from VMware and Stanimir Markov, Runecast CEO and VCDX #74, unlock the power of the ecosystem to deliver a troubleshooting experience integrated directly inside the VMware vSphere HTML Client.

You can add both Runecast VMworld sessions to your schedule here


2. Invest a good amount of time in Solutions Exchange

This is a CEO Tip! Runecast CEO Stanimir Markov has attended 14 VMworlds so far, which has helped him realize that you can get the most value from Solutions Exchange. And he’s not talking about merchandise (we’ll be talking about that later). There are more than 200 exhibitors who make VMworld Solutions Exchange the best place to learn about the latest developments in IT. You can meet the vendors, speak with their representatives, get a demo of their products, and engage in exciting conversations.

Speaking of Solutions Exchange, don’t miss our Runecast booth #667. You’ll have an opportunity to chat with the founders, see the latest Runecast Analyzer release, and get a sneak peek at what’s coming next. Add a Runecast meeting to your event schedule. 


3. Comfy shoes are a #musthave

This advice might seem to be mainly for exhibitors, but don’t be mistaken… as a visitor you’ll spend most of your time on your feet. And with uncomfortable shoes, VMworld might be a very physically intensive experience. Track your miles/kilometers walked during VMworld and share your results with us on social media (Twitter: @Runecast)!


4. Don’t pack your carry-on luggage too tight

Why? VMworld is full of cool merchandise you can’t leave behind! Like The KB Hunt, the first card game made for VMware Admins (available exclusively at Runecast booth #667).


Get them at our booth 667 and use #theKBhunt on twitter when you play! 


5. Socialize and enjoy VMworld in your own way

Socialize any time you can – over lunch, at the hangout space, or at Solutions Exchange. Get connected and take notes. Having around 23 000 people with passion for IT all in one place, you’ll have a unique chance to network.

Don’t underestimate parties and gatherings. Some of the best friendships are made over a beer or two. ;-)


Apart from this awesome event, don’t forget to explore San Francisco surroundings like Alcatraz Island, Pier 49, Golden Gate Bridge, or Twin Peaks. Or if you’re feeling extra-adventurous, take a road trip north into California’s beautiful ancient Redwood forests.


See you in San Francisco!

Your Runecast Team

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