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I remember when vRealize Orchestrator (or vCO as we used to call it) was described as the hidden gem in your vSphere. I would still say it's a gem, but not so hidden anymore. Ever since vRA came along, the importance and adoption of vRO grew significantly.
What does vRO have to do with Runecast Analyzer? A lot, actually! Especially ever since we released the initial REST API (in version 1.5.4). We have since enriched the REST API and you can do pretty much everything on Runecast programmatically via the API. Now, what about those of us, who are not really developers, but still want to take advantage of the APIs? vRO offers great graphical workflows and minimum amount of coding to help us create magic when it comes to automation. And it is an excellent way how to add more automation to Runecast Analyzer easily, as demonstrated by our vRO guru Ivaylo Ivanov.

Before you actually get to consume the Runecast REST API with vRO, you had to do a lot of preparation - adding REST endpoint, adding REST operation, taking care of each request and parsing the response with JavaScript. Well, not anymore!

Today we released the first version of vRealize Orchestrator Plug-In for Runecast Analyzer!

It provides a great base for creating various workflows and limitless opportunities for automation. How about remediating KBs once they are detected? Or triggering Runecast analysis once you provision a new VM via vRA? The list can go on and on. Try it yourself and unleash your automation mindset. Download the Runecast Analyzer vRO plugin and read a more detailed article by Ivaylo on how to get started with the vRO plugin.

Keep in mind - the plugin supports any Runecast Analyzer version starting 1.5.4. On another note - why would you be still running anything other than the latest Runecast version? You might be missing some critical KBs! Get your appliance up-to-date and try out the new vRO plugin.

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Happy Runecasting!

Stan Markov, co-founder and CEO Runecast

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