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What a delight to be at RSA. It was a major commitment, but we feel that the return we got on our commitment was worth it. Meeting so many of you, seeing your smiling faces and being able to talk about Security with so many knowledgeable and enthusiastic folks working at the forefront of it was a real delight.

There were somewhere around 26,000 people registered for RSA and we thank each one of you who walked past our booth and took an interest in what Runecast can offer you. Coming to find us in the South Hall may have felt like quite the walk, but we know we’re worth it and hope you felt that too.

It was great to interact with some of you in the overlapping spaces where Runecast can add value to your IT propositions: spaces like DevSecOps and Auditing. Look out for more information coming from us on how Runecast can help make the work for your teams easier, not just for the Security and Operations Teams. 

Obviously security is a main concern, not just for everyone at RSA, but for any enterprise that has a computer system. Threat actors are getting smarter and quicker, at exploiting vulnerabilities and holes in our defences. That’s why Runecast keeps growing and improving, adding new coverage and tools, like the CISA KEVs catalog to keep you as up to date as those who would seek to do harm. 

With malicious actors improving the speed and efficiency of their attacks you need systems on your side which are even faster. Runecast automates best practices and analysis, reading and parsing more information faster than any human ever could. All this is to your advantage.

We know we’re preaching to the choir here, because we met so many of you, but security can feel like an all or nothing operation. It’s win or lose, everyday, and we’re here to help carry the load and put your teams in the best position possible. 

If you enjoyed the taster you got at RSA please reach out to us and schedule a demo to see how we can help your exact technology stack.

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