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As you know, Runecast helps users all over the world secure their VMware environment with automated analysis against VMware’s KB, standards such as PCI DSS and DISA STIG, as well as best practices from VMware and the community.

What you may not know is that Runecast has a perfect 5/5 star overall score in Capterra, with 5/5 stars in Ease of Use and 4.5/5 stars in customer service, across over 25 reviews!

Here’s some of what customers had to highlight about our renowned Runecast Analyzer solution.

Issue Prevention

Runecast Analyzer scans your VMware environment on an automated schedule looking for issues that could potentially be critical for your business.

“As a bank, it is imperative that our IT operations ensure maximum reliability and security for our clients. Our IT team simply needs automated proactive monitoring and auditing tools. Runecast Analyzer helps us detect missconfiguration and security vulnerabilities before they lead to critical issues. This not only saves dozens of working hours a month but also provides a reliable prevention mechanism. Our data center’s security and uptime are now greater than ever.”
Daniel Ugarte, System Engineer & IT Administrator, Banking

“It’s like have a Vmware Technician 24/7 auditing you Vmware Environment; it's absolutely great. Runecast Analyzer has identified issues and bugs that I had no idea about”.
Alexis D., Information Systems (IS) Manager

“The ability to identify potential issues that could cause a major outage for the business, coupled with access to the automated compliance reports are the main benefits Runecast Analyzer delivers. The most critical issues Runecast Analyzer has identified so far are ESXi Iost connectivity issues or PSOD, vulnerability issues in vCenter, ESXi host fails with purple diagnostic screen and security compliance alerts.”
Daniel H., IT Infrastructure Engineer, Textiles

Time savings

By giving you instructions on how to solve issues identified by Analyzer, we save you tens of hours a week. Here’s what some of our customers had to say about that:

“Our main goal is to serve our customers with a high-end, feature-rich and robust electronic banking environment. Runecast has allowed us to save 75% of time troubleshooting and analyzing root causes while increasing uptime dramatically.”
Rob van der Helm, Infrastructure Designer, de Volksbank

“An easy to use solution, very useful to prevent potential issues on your virtual infrastructure. The well-designed Dashboard allows you to have the overall status of your infrastructure from a single pane of glass”.
Paolo V., System Engineer, Cosmetics

“Runecast Analyzer reduces the time needed to follow KBs to minimum filtering out irrelevant KBs to your VMware cloud.”
Vedran B. Leading engineer for support of Data Center, Oil & Energy

“Thanks to Runecast Analyzer I am saving 2-3 hours a day. I would highly recommend this solution as a 'must have' for any VMware vSphere environment.”
Stephen Parker, System Engineer, BYU Idaho

Ease of use

Most importantly, Runecast Analyzer does this in a time and cost efficient manner, removing headaches!

“It takes the pain away from VMware Administration.... it does what it says on the tin, plug and play, sit back, and then spend some time Security Hardening your VMware vSphere estate. The real-time log analysis against VMware KBs is amazing!”
Andrew H.,  Technical Architect

“All pros:

  • Easy to install and upgrade. Deployed in 30 minutes and upgraded in 10.
  • Easy to use interface to see how many hosts are affected by a particular bug or issue
  • Ability to group issues into categories.”

Gordon H., Cloud Services Manager


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