Vulnerability Management and Assessment

Vulnerability management is commonly described as the ongoing practice of identifying, assessing, managing, and remediating security vulnerabilities. This relatively simple looking sentence packs a punch in today’s complex enterprise environments. Between the more traditional on-prem environments, the distributed architectures with short create and destroy cycles and cloud based assets, this rather straightforward task of identifying, assessing, managing and remediating vulnerabilities is anything but simple.
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The next vulnerability is never too far away

Just as software evolves and new versions and new software finds its way to the market so do vulnerabilities. With the immense amount of software used in today’s enterprise, being able to scan, assess and remediate vulnerabilities as they become known has to be part of every CISO’s agenda.


Ad-hoc or manual scanning is not sufficient

As the complexity of software and therefore their vulnerabilities increase, so does the need for better vulnerability management. Regular automated scanning, recommendations, remediation, and the ability to set up vulnerability management policies are just some of the requirements many enterprises have.

Runecast for Vulnerability Management and Assessment

Providing Visibility, Compliance and Remediation for your hybrid cloud

Runecast provides visibility of all assets across your entire estate – AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, VMware, Windows or Linux – for on-prem, hybrid or multi cloud environments. Best of all, it’s a single platform for all your enterprise vulnerability assessment and management needs.

Monitor changes in scanning results

Runecast can be configured to automatically scan your entire estate, hourly, daily, weekly, at specific times making sure all assets are scanned and your security teams have in-depth results of any newly discovered vulnerabilities. All data stays within your organization and Runecast can run even in dark sites.

Comprehensive details

Take advantage of Runecast’s substantial repository of vulnerabilities and connected data to allow your security teams to get immediate access to every available detail of the CVE in question.


Take advantage of  Runecast’s build in remediation and the use of standard tooling like PowerCLI or Ansible to remediate Vulnerabilities as soon as they become known, decreasing the risk and the time to fix. 

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Discovering and remediating known issues, misconfigurations and creating automated security and compliance scans all on one platform. 

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Reducing Attack Surface with Runecast Vulnerability Assessment
Reducing Attack Surface with Runecast Vulnerability Assessment
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